Enabling the Bluetooth Stack#

If Bluetooth is required, it must be ensured that the Bluetooth modules are compiled in the kernel. If the Bluetooth modules are not present, follow the steps below to enable Bluetooth support in the kernel.

  1. Navigate to the Linux kernel source folder. This is usually in /usr/src/kernels/linux-< kernel-version >

  2. Execute the 'make menuconfig' command to open the Kernel Configuration menu.

  3. Scroll down to "Networking support --->" and hit Enter.

    Networking support menu

  4. In the new menu, scroll down to the "Bluetooth subsystem support --->" option and press 'M' to modularize the "Bluetooth subsystem support" feature and hit Enter.

    Bluetooth subsystem support menu

  5. In the new menu, press 'M' to modularize the following options:

    • RFCOMM Protocol support (enable the "RFCOMM TTY support" feature under this).

    • BNEP Protocol support (enable the "Multicast filter support" and "Broadcast filter support" features under this).

    • CMTP Protocol support

    • HIDP Protocol support

    Modularize Bluetooth subsystem support options

  6. Hit the Tab key to select Exit and hit Enter. Repeat this till you are asked whether you want to save the configuration.

  7. Select "Yes" and hit Enter. If the above options are already selected, the menuconfig screen will exit immediately.

See the Kernel Configuration section for the commands to compile the kernel.