BLE Power Save Mode#

Vendor-specific HCI commands configure the device in power save mode. The module supports Low Power (LP) and Ultra-Low Power (ULP) modes. These are explained in more detail in the Power Save Modes and Configuration section of Wi-Fi Powersave mode. The LP and ULP modes are supported with the SDIO interface.

Run the following command to enable the BLE power save.

hcitool -i <hciX> cmd 0x3F 0x0003 <sleep enable/disable> <sleep mode> <sleep duration>

< hciX > - hci interface

< sleep enable/disable > - 0x01 -sleep enable, 0x00 - sleep disable

< Sleep mode > - 0x02 – ULP (Ultra Low Power) mode

< Sleep Duration> - used for sleep duration in Standby mode (in milliseconds) and Range is 0x00 – 0xFF


hcitool -i hci0 cmd 0x3f 0x0003 0x01 0x02 0xff

Note: In Wi-Fi + BLE coexistence mode, give both BLE and Wi-Fi power save commands to enable power save. See the Power Save Modes and Configuration section for Wi-Fi Powersave mode related information.