Getting Started with Wi-SUN Application Development#

This section assumes that you have purchased your hardware and have downloaded SSv5 and the Silicon Labs Wi-SUN SDK as described in [Prerequisites]](/wisun/<docspace-docleaf-version>/wisun-getting-started-overview#prerequisites). You should also be familiar with the features of the SSv5 Launcher perspective as documented in the Simplicity Studio 5 online User’s Guide.

Content in this section includes:

  • Wi-SUN Sample Applications - Introduces the list of Wi-SUN Demos and Sample applications to start creating a Wi-SUN Network and evaluate the Silicon Labs Wi-SUN solution.

  • Creating a Wi-SUN Network - Provides instructions to compile and load a simple Wi-SUN Ping application on a node and a Wi-SUN Border Router demo image on another node. You can then use these to create a network.