Wi-SUN Overview#

Wi-SUN Stack#

The Wi-SUN stack API is the primary Application Programming Interface (API) for applications running on Silicon Labs EFR32 Wireless Gecko SoCs to interact with the Silicon Labs Wi-SUN FAN wireless stack. It allows the application to manage the connection to a Wi-SUN FAN network as well as to communicate with other devices in the network using a socket-based communication interface.

See the Wi-SUN Stack API for more details.

Stack Plugins#

Wi-SUN stack plugin components are software modules tightly linked to the stack that provide means to customize it: debug, manufacturing or Wi-SUN specific optional features. They can have significant impact on key capabilities and footprint.

  • RF Test provides low-level APIs to produce an RF tone or a modulated packet and calibrate the radio.

  • Stack Trace and Debug provides extended trace capabilities to the stack and stack plugin components.

Service Components#

The following software components are provided to help and accelerate Wi-SUN application developments by offering common functionalities. They can easily be added to an existing Wi-SUN application through Simplicity Studio graphical interface. The components are shared in source code in the Gecko SDK.

  • Application Core provides a set of high-level helper APIs designed to ease the application development.

  • Util Functions provides utility functions.

  • POSIX-compliant Socket provides a POSIX-compliant socket implementation on top of the stack socket API.

  • CoAP provides a CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) implementation running on top of the Wi-SUN stack.

  • Ping provides a ping implementation based on the ICMPv6 protocol.

  • iPerf provides an iPerf2 implementation to test the throughput over UDP.

  • Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (Alpha) provides an Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade solution for Wi-SUN devices.


Silicon Labs Wi-SUN solution follows the Semantic Versioning guidelines for release cycle transparency and to maintain backward compatibility.