End Devices#

Z-Wave end devices are the nodes in the Z-Wave network that are not a controller, such as switches, door locks, sensors, and so on.


The Z-Wave protocol API/SDK is available through Simplicity Studio as part of the Gecko SDK suite. End device developers should start with Z-Wave 700 Getting Started for End Devices to become familiar with the development process and tools. Then, review How to Use Certified Apps in Z-Wave 700 User's Guide to become familiar with the end device examples supplied in Simplicity Studio. For more details about using the SDK, see Z-Wave Plus V2 Application Framework SDK7 Reference Manual.

Users familiar with older Z-Wave 500 series development may find the Porting Z-Wave Appl. SW from 500 to 700 Application Note helpful.

General Gecko MCU SDK Documentation#

The Z-Wave SDK runs on a Silicon Labs gecko MCU. The documentation for the generic MCU SDK for the other peripherals and functionality on those MCUs is also important for a Z-Wave developer. Refer to the following resources (available in Simplicity Studio):


RAILtest is a Radio tool for testing, calibrating the Z-Wave radio and functionality of the RAIL library. RAIL is a radio abstraction interface layer designed to help simplify the development process.

The RAILtest User's Guide provides details about the tool. The RAIL Fundamentals provides the overview of the Radio driver.

To use the RAILtest, use Simplicity Studio and the description: Create a RailTest project for ZGM130S


For general information about the Silicon Labs MCU supported by the Z-Wave SDK, see EFR32xG13 Wireless Gecko Reference Manual. The reference manual contains reference material for the EFR32xG13 Wireless Gecko devices. All modules and peripherals in the EFR32xG13 Wireless Gecko devices are described in general terms. Not all modules are present in all devices and the feature set for each device might vary. Such differences, including pinout, are covered in the following device data sheets:

The ZGM130S SiP module combines a general-purpose SoC, crystal, supply decoupling components, and RF matching components into a single small-footprint module requiring only two decoupling capacitors.

Hardware Starter Kit Boards#

BRD4200A ZGM130S Z-Wave SiP Module#
BRD4202 ZGM130S Z-Wave SiP Module Without SAW Filter#
BRD4201A EFR32ZG14 SoC#

Hardware Production#

For final product hardware development refer to