ZAP Installation for Windows OS#

1. Windows Powershell#

In the desktop search bar, input Windows Powershell and run as administrator. Run all the following commands inside Powershell.

2. Chocolatey#

Install from

Check if installed properly with the following commands:

choco -v

Install pkgconfiglite package with the following commands:

choco install pkgconfiglite

3. Install Node#

Run the following commands to install:

choco install nodejs-lts

*The version has to be 18 to pass version check test, after install, check with node -v

*If you have installed Node already, and fail some tests similar to cannot find Node, reinstall Node with chocolatey again.

4. Follow the Basic Instructions to Install ZAP#

Follow the ZAP installation instructions from source in ZAP Installation. While following the basic instructions for installing ZAP watch out for the following errors and how to resolve them:


When running ZAP (e.g., npm run zap), if you see an error about sqlite3.node in a pop up window, run:

npm rebuild sqlite3


When doing npm install, in post-install, if an error occurs on the following command related to electron-builder install-app-deps, npx electron-rebuild canvas failed or node-pre-gyp, the current canvas version is not compatible with Windows and the installation error will not cause a failure in running ZAP. node-canvas is working on the solution now and the issue will be solved in the near future.

"postinstall": "electron-builder install-app-deps && husky install && npm rebuild canvas --update-binary && npm run version-stamp"


If npm run test fails because of the error Test suite failed to run. Cannot find module '../build/Release/canvas.node' or \zap\node_modules\canvas\build\Release\canvas.node is not a valid Win32 application., rebuild canvas as follows:

npm rebuild canvas --update-binary

get index.html or Other Server Issues#

If npm run test fails because of the error get index.html request failed with status code 404 in unit tests or having server connection issues in e2e-ci tests, run the following commands:

npm run build


Check if the node version is v18 and try to install it with Chocolatey.