Gecko OS 4 Features

Application Development APIs
Command API4.0+Commands and variables for all supported features. See Command interface.
Command response buffering4.0+See system.cmd.buffered variable.
Command response timestamps4.0+See system.cmd.timestamp variable.
Variable group getters4.0+Get all variables in a category, e.g. http.server. See the get command.
Console manual editing tools4.0+The Gecko OS terminal supports arrow history, tab auto-complete, and in-line editing. See Command Interface, Manual Command Editing Features.
Multiple command UARTs4.0+See bus.data_bus variable.
Remote Command Terminal4.0+See Serial Interface, Using the Remote Terminal.
Apps4.0+Gecko OS Apps - features supported by Native C APIs. See Native C API. SDK includes Gecko OS Studio (GSS).
App MQTT library4.0+IBM Bluemix support
Web App4.0+Customisable app providing setup, monitoring, command interface, and more. See Gecko OS Web App.
Separate Data and Log Buses4.0+
REST Command API4.0+See HTTP Server, Command Request/Response.
Websocket Command API4.0+See WebSocket Command Stream.
Broadcast data4.0+Broadcast module properties in JSON format. See Networking and Security, Broadcast Status Announcement.
Bus and Data Streaming
Bus4.0+Write check, separate data/log bus options. See Bus variables.
Bus Stream Mode4.0+Stream data directly between serial interface and a network stream. See Stream Mode.
UART BAUD > 5.25Mbps4.0+See uart.baud variable.
Device Management
Device Management Server (DMS)4.0+Monitor, manage and maintain your fleet of devices. See Zentri DMS.
Secure Over the Air Device Firmware Update (DFU)4.0+See dfu_update and dfu_query commands.
Factory DFU4.0+Update firmware via serial interface. See dfu_update
DMS secure websocket4.0+Real-time telemetry and messages to and from the DMS.
DMS command console4.0+Issue commands to your device via the DMS console.
Device Configuration and State
Settings file4.0+Save variable settings to file, load setting from file, specify default configuration file
System Indicators4.0+Blink LEDs (GPIOs) in various states. See system.indicator.gpio and system.indicator.state. Respond to system indicator events using the Native C API. See the system/indicator example app.
File System
Flash file system4.0+See File System.
Bulk flash4.0+See system.bflash variables.
User encrypted files4.0+See File System, Encrypting Files.
ADC4.0+Support for MCU Analog to Digital Converters. See adc_take_sample command.
Crystal driven RTC4.0+Real Time Clock. See time.rtc variable.
Configurable HFXO4.0+Optionally enable external crystal oscillator. See system.hfxo.enabled and system.hfxo.status variables.
Ethernet interface4.0+Where hardware support available, e.g. WGM160P. See Ethernet variables.
Ethernet/Soft AP Bridge4.1+See Ethernet Bridge.
GPIO4.0+See Peripherals, GPIOs.
GPIO alias4.0+See gpio.alias variable.
I2C4.0+See I2C Master Peripheral Controlling and Monitoring.
PWM4.0+MCU Pulse Width Modulators. See pwm_update command.
SPI master4.0+See SPI Master Peripheral Controlling and Monitoring.
Internet and Network Protocols
DHCP client4.0+See Networking and Security, DHCP Client.
DHCP client cache4.0+Store DHCP lease in NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) and load on startup.
DHCP server4.0+DHCP Server via SoftAP Interface. See Networking and Security, DHCP Server.
DHCP server lease time4.0+See softap.dhcp_server.lease_time variable.
DNS server4.0+DNS Server via SoftAP Interface. See Networking and Security, DNS Server.
IPv44.0+IPv6 is not supported.
IP UDP multicast4.0+See wlan.multicast.address variable.
HTTP client4.0+See Networking and Security, HTTP Client.
HTTP server4.0+See Networking and Security, HTTP Server.
HTTP server Basic auth4.0+See HTTP Server Security and Authorization.
HTTP server not found/missing default pages4.0+See http.server.notfound_filename and http.server.root_filename variables.
HTTP client TLS certificates4.0+See Networking and Security, HTTPS Client.
HTTPS client4.0+See Networking and Security, HTTPS Client.
HTTPS server4.0+See Networking and Security, HTTPS Server.
IO Connection4.0+See Peripherals, GPIO Controlled Network Connection.
mDNS4.0+See Network Discovery and the mDNS variables.
NTP4.0+Network Time Management. See ntp variables.
Multiple sockets4.0+See HTTP Server Simple WebSocket Demonstration.
Configurable buffer size4.0+See network.buffer variables.
Setup Net Config4.0+See setup command and and related setup variables.
Setup Web4.0+Set up network credentials using Web App. See Getting Started.
Setup scripts4.0+See Setup Configuration Script.
Soft AP4.0+Wireless Access Point. See SoftAP Interface.
Soft AP MAC filter4.1+See SoftAP MAC Filter.
Soft AP and WLAN concurrently4.0+See softap.auto_start and wlan.auto_join.enabled variables.
SMTP4.0+Email, SMTP client. See Networking and Security, SMTP Client.
Stream auto-close4.0+See stream.auto_close variable.
TCP client4.0+See Networking and Security, TCP Client.
TCP server4.0+See Networking and Security, TCP Server.
TCP server multiple clients4.0+See tcp.server.max_clients variable.
TLS client4.0+Full TLS client support. See Networking and Security, TLS Client.
TLS server4.0+See Networking and Security, TLS Server.
TLS 1.0 to 1.2, multiple cipher suites4.0+See TLS 1.0 - 1.2 Support.
UDP client4.0+See Networking and Security, UDP Client.
UDP server4.0+See Networking and Security, UDP Server.
Websocket client/server4.0+See Networking and Security, Websocket Client and Server.
Standard networking commands4.0+See ping, wlan_scan and network_lookup commands.
Other System Features
System activity GPIO4.0+See system.activity.gpio variable.
System: lock4.0+Lock certain variables from reset. See system.variable_lock variable.
System: factory reset configurable GPIO4.0+See system.factory_reset.gpio variable.
System: OOB4.0+Out-of-band Interrupts. See system.oob.gpio variable.
Safemode4.0+Revert to safemode on system failure. See Update and Recovery, Safe Mode.
Wi-Fi and Radio
802.11: b/g/n4.0+See wlan.rate.protocol variable.
Bit rate: up to 72.2 Mbps4.0+See wlan.rate.transmit variable.
Tx Power: + 16 dBm4.0+See wlan.tx_power variable.
Built-in antenna (optional)4.0+See variable.
WLAN RSSI averaging4.0+See wlan.rssi_average variable.