Silicon Labs Matter#

The Matter protocol leverages existing IP technologies, including Wi-Fi and Thread, to build a unified wireless connectivity ecosystem for smart homes. Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking provides manufacturers with simplified development while improving device compatibility for consumers.

Silicon Labs supports Matter on both 802.15.4 (Thread) and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) transport protocols. The Thread development use cases differs from Wi-Fi because the Thread protocol requires the use of an Open Thread Border Router (OTBR).

Silicon Labs Matter Summary

If you are new to Matter or are interested in more information about Silicon Labs Matter-based products, see the Matter content on

If you want to experiment with the Silicon Labs Matter demos on Thread or Wi-Fi or are interested in beginning development with Matter, information is currently provided in the Silicon Labs Matter GitHub repo. Along with documentation, the repo contains demos, examples and all the code needed for Matter Accessory Device development on both Thread and Wi-Fi. Links on the page help you navigate to protocol-specific demo and development information.

To see release notes containing list of features and knowns issues go to SiliconLabs/matter/releases and find the corresponding notes for the release you are using.

For background information on the Matter standard, see the Connectivity Standard Alliance page.