Development Tools in Simplicity Studio#

Simplicity Studio contains a number of integrated tools that you can use with projects created within that environment.

Bluetooth GATT Configurator#

The Simplicity Studio Bluetooth LE (BLE) GATT Configurator is an Advanced Configurator within the Simplicity Studio Project Configuration suite. you can add the BLE GATT configuration by adding the Bluetooth > GATT > Configuration component to your project. This will enable the BLE GATT Configurator under Configuration Tools > Bluetooth GATT Configurator. See the Simplicity Studio v5 User's Guide for more information on using the BLE GATT Configurator.

Energy Profiler#

Simplicity Studio's Energy Profiler allows you to see a graphical view of your device's energy usage over time. This can be very useful when developing an energy-friendly device.

Complete documentation on using the Simplicity Studio Energy Profiler is provided in the Simplicity Studio 5 Energy Profiler User's Guide.

Custom Hardware Configuration#

At some point during product development you may need to move your project over to your custom hardware. In this case, you will likely need to change the pinout and hardware configuration in the example project to reflect your own custom project. You can do this using the Pin Tool. The Simplicity Studio 5 User's Guide contains full documentation using the Pin Tool.