ezradio_plugin_manager.h File Reference

This file contains the plug-in manager for the EZRadio and EZRadioPRO chip families.



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Definition in file ezradio_plugin_manager.h.

#include "ecode.h"
#include "app-config.h"
#include "ezradio_transmit_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_receive_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_crcerror_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_auto_ack_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_unmod_carrier_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_pn9_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_direct_transmit_plugin.h"
#include "ezradio_direct_receive_plugin.h"

Data Structures

struct  EZRADIODRV_HandleData


 Receive plugin base error code.
 CRC error plugin base error code.
 Receive plugin base error code.
 Transmit plugin base error code.
 Illegal SPI handle.
 Success return value.
 Receive plugin base error code.
 Receive plugin base error code.
 Transmit plugin base error code.
 Receive plugin base error code.
 Configuration data for EzRadio plugin manager.


typedef void(* EZRADIODRV_Callback_t) (EZRADIODRV_Handle_t handle, Ecode_t status)
 EZRADIODRV feature callback function interface.
typedef EZRADIODRV_HandleData_tEZRADIODRV_Handle_t
 EZRadio driver instance handle.
typedef struct EZRADIODRV_HandleData EZRADIODRV_HandleData_t
 Interface for EZRADIODRV_HandleData structure type defined below.
typedef ezradio_cmd_reply_t * EZRADIODRV_ReplyHandle_t
 EZradio reply union handle.


void ezradioInit (EZRADIODRV_Handle_t handle)
 Radio Initialization.
Ecode_t ezradioPluginManager (EZRADIODRV_Handle_t handle)
 EzRadio plugin manager state machine handler. This function should be called in the application in an infinite loop, in order to manage the EzRadio plug-ins properly.
void ezradioResetTRxFifo (void)
 Resets both the TX and RX FIFOs.