Detailed Description

I2C Simple Polled Master driver.

This driver supports master mode, single bus-master only. It blocks while waiting for the transfer is complete, polling for completion in EM0.

Data Structures

struct I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef


void I2CSPM_Init ( I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef *init)
Initalize I2C peripheral.
I2C_TransferReturn_TypeDef I2CSPM_Transfer (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, I2C_TransferSeq_TypeDef *seq)
Perform I2C transfer.

Function Documentation

void I2CSPM_Init ( I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef * init )

Initalize I2C peripheral.

This driver supports master mode only, single bus-master. In addition to configuring the I2C peripheral module, it also configures DK/STK specific setup in order to use the I2C bus.

[in] init Pointer to I2C initialization structure

Default config for I2C init structure. The default may be overridden by a i2cspmconfig.h file.

Definition at line 69 of file i2cspm.c .

References I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::i2cClhr , i2cInit() , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::i2cMaxFreq , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::i2cRefFreq , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::port , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::sclPin , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::sclPort , I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::sdaPin , and I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef::sdaPort .

Referenced by BOARD_init() , BSP_initBoard() , i2cInit() , and sl_efp_init() .