Status Codes


#define SL_STATUS_ABORT   ((sl_status_t)0x0006)
 Operation aborted.
#define SL_STATUS_ALLOCATION_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x0019)
 Generic allocation error.
#define SL_STATUS_ALREADY_EXISTS   ((sl_status_t)0x002E)
 Item already exists.
#define SL_STATUS_ALREADY_INITIALIZED   ((sl_status_t)0x0012)
 Module has already been initialized.
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_ATT_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x1100)
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_CTRL_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x1000)
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_MESH_FOUNDATION_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x1300)
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_MESH_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0500)
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_SMP_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x1200)
#define SL_STATUS_BLUETOOTH_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0400)
 Encrypion/decryption operation failed.
 Mismatched or insufficient security level.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_APPLICATION   ((sl_status_t)0x1180)
 When this is returned in a BGAPI response, the application tried to read or write the value of a user attribute from the GATT databa.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_ATT_NOT_FOUND   ((sl_status_t)0x110A)
 No attribute found within the given attribute handle range.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_ATT_NOT_LONG   ((sl_status_t)0x110B)
 The attribute cannot be read or written using the Read Blob Request.
 The attribute requires authentication before it can be read or written.
 The attribute requires authorization before it can be read or written.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_ENC_KEY_SIZE   ((sl_status_t)0x110C)
 The Encryption Key Size used for encrypting this link is insufficient.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_ENCRYPTION   ((sl_status_t)0x110F)
 The attribute requires encryption before it can be read or written.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES   ((sl_status_t)0x1111)
 Insufficient Resources to complete the request.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INVALID_ATT_LENGTH   ((sl_status_t)0x110D)
 The attribute value length is invalid for the operation.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INVALID_HANDLE   ((sl_status_t)0x1101)
 The attribute handle given was not valid on this server.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INVALID_OFFSET   ((sl_status_t)0x1107)
 Offset specified was past the end of the attribute.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_INVALID_PDU   ((sl_status_t)0x1104)
 The attribute PDU was invalid.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_OUT_OF_SYNC   ((sl_status_t)0x1112)
 The server requests the client to rediscover the database.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_PREPARE_QUEUE_FULL   ((sl_status_t)0x1109)
 Too many prepare writes have been queueud.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_READ_NOT_PERMITTED   ((sl_status_t)0x1102)
 The attribute cannot be read.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_REQUEST_NOT_SUPPORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x1106)
 Attribute Server does not support the request received from the client.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_UNLIKELY_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x110E)
 The attribute request that was requested has encountered an error that was unlikely, and therefore could not be completed as requested.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_UNSUPPORTED_GROUP_TYPE   ((sl_status_t)0x1110)
 The attribute type is not a supported grouping attribute as defined by a higher layer specification.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_VALUE_NOT_ALLOWED   ((sl_status_t)0x1113)
 The attribute parameter value was not allowed.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_ATT_WRITE_NOT_PERMITTED   ((sl_status_t)0x1103)
 The attribute cannot be written.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CRYPTO   ((sl_status_t)0x0407)
 Error using crypto functions.
 The ACL Connection Already Exists error code indicates that an attempt to create a new ACL Connection to a device when there is already a connection to this device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_ADVERTISING_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x103C)
 Ddvertising for a fixed duration completed or, for directed advertising, that advertising completed without a connection being created.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE   ((sl_status_t)0x1005)
 Pairing or authentication failed due to incorrect results in the pairing or authentication procedure. This could be due to an incorrect PIN or Link Key.
 The Controller cannot perform channel assessment because it is not supported.
 The master, at this time, is unable to make a coarse adjustment to the piconet clock, using the supplied parameters. Instead the master will attempt to move the clock using clock dragging.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_COMMAND_DISALLOWED   ((sl_status_t)0x100C)
 Command requested cannot be executed because the Controller is in a state where it cannot process this command at this time.
 The Connection Accept Timeout has been exceeded for this connection attempt.
 LL initiated a connection but the connection has failed to be established. Controller did not receive any packets from remote end.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_CONNECTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED   ((sl_status_t)0x1009)
 Controller is at limit of connections it can support.
 The Connection Rejected Due To Limited Resources error code indicates that an incoming connection was rejected due to limited resources.
 The Controller could not calculate an appropriate value for the Channel selection operation.
 The Connection Rejected Due To Security Reasons error code indicates that a connection was rejected due to security requirements not being fulfilled, like authentication or pairing.
 The Connection was rejected because this device does not accept the BD_ADDR. This may be because the device will only accept connections from specific BD_ADDRs.
 Local device terminated the connection.
 Connection was terminated because the Message Integrity Check (MIC) failed on a received packet.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x1008)
 Link supervision timeout has expired.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_CONTROLLER_BUSY   ((sl_status_t)0x103A)
 Operation was rejected because the controller is busy and unable to process the request.
 LMP transaction was started that collides with an ongoing transaction.
 The requested encryption mode is not acceptable at this time.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_HOST_BUSY_PAIRING   ((sl_status_t)0x1038)
 The Host is busy with another pairing operation and unable to support the requested pairing. The receiving device should retry pairing again later.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_INSTANT_PASSED   ((sl_status_t)0x1028)
 LMP PDU or LL PDU that includes an instant cannot be performed because the instant when this would have occurred has passed.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_INSUFFICIENT_SECURITY   ((sl_status_t)0x102F)
 The HCI command or LMP PDU sent is only possible on an encrypted link.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_INVALID_COMMAND_PARAMETERS   ((sl_status_t)0x1012)
 Command contained invalid parameters.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_LIMIT_REACHED   ((sl_status_t)0x1043)
 Number of operations requested has been reached and has indicated the completion of the activity (e.g., advertising or scanning).
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_LINK_KEY_CANNOT_BE_CHANGED   ((sl_status_t)0x1026)
 Link key cannot be changed because a fixed unit key is being used.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_LL_PROCEDURE_COLLISION   ((sl_status_t)0x1023)
 LL procedure has collided with the same transaction or procedure that is already in progress.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_LL_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x1022)
 Connection terminated due to link-layer procedure timeout.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_MAC_CONNECTION_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x103F)
 The MAC of the 802.11 AMP was requested to connect to a peer, but the connection failed.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_MEMORY_CAPACITY_EXCEEDED   ((sl_status_t)0x1007)
 Controller is out of memory.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_OPERATION_CANCELLED_BY_HOST   ((sl_status_t)0x1044)
 A request to the Controller issued by the Host and still pending was successfully canceled.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_PACKET_TOO_LONG   ((sl_status_t)0x1045)
 An attempt was made to send or receive a packet that exceeds the maximum allowed packet l.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_PAIRING_NOT_ALLOWED   ((sl_status_t)0x1018)
 The device does not allow pairing. This can be for example, when a device only allows pairing during a certain time window after some user input allows pairing.
 It was not possible to pair as a unit key was requested and it is not supported.
 A parameter value requested is outside the mandatory range of parameters for the given HCI command or LMP PDU.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_PIN_OR_KEY_MISSING   ((sl_status_t)0x1006)
 Pairing failed because of missing PIN, or authentication failed because of missing Key.
 The remote device terminated the connection because of low resources.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_REMOTE_POWERING_OFF   ((sl_status_t)0x1015)
 Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Power Off.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_REMOTE_USER_TERMINATED   ((sl_status_t)0x1013)
 User on the remote device terminated the connection.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_REPEATED_ATTEMPTS   ((sl_status_t)0x1017)
 The Controller is disallowing an authentication or pairing procedure because too little time has elapsed since the last authentication or pairing attempt failed.
 The IO capabilities request or response was rejected because the sending Host does not support Secure Simple Pairing even though the receiving Link Manager does.
 The Synchronous Connection Limit to a Device Exceeded error code indicates that the Controller has reached the limit to the number of synchronous connections that can be achieved to a device.
 Remote device terminated the connection because of an unacceptable connection interval.
 A command was sent from the Host that should identify an Advertising or Sync handle, but the Advertising or Sync handle does not exist.
 Connection does not exist, or connection open request was cancelled.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_CTRL_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x101F)
 No other error code specified is appropriate to use.
 A feature or parameter value in the HCI command is not supported.
 The remote device does not support the feature associated with the issued command.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_DATA_CORRUPTED   ((sl_status_t)0x0408)
 Data was corrupted.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_HARDWARE   ((sl_status_t)0x0404)
 Hardware failure.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_INVALID_MODULE_ACTION   ((sl_status_t)0x040B)
 Bluetooth cannot be used on this hardware.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_INVALID_SYNC_HANDLE   ((sl_status_t)0x040A)
 Invalid periodic advertising sync handle.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_CID_NOT_EXIST   ((sl_status_t)0x040F)
 Returned when local host did not find a connection-oriented channel with given destination CID.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_CONNECTION_REQUEST_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0415)
 Returned when connection-oriented channel has not received connection response message within maximum timeout.
 Returned when connection-oriented channel disconnected due to remote end send flow control credits exceed 65535.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_FLOW_CONTROL_VIOLATED   ((sl_status_t)0x0412)
 Returned when connection-oriented channel disconnected due to remote end send data even without credit.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_INVALID_CID   ((sl_status_t)0x0416)
 Returned when local host received a connection-oriented channel connection response with an invalid destination CID.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_LE_DISCONNECTED   ((sl_status_t)0x0410)
 Returned when connection-oriented channel disconnected due to LE connection is dropped.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_LOCAL_DISCONNECTED   ((sl_status_t)0x040E)
 Returned when local host disconnect the connection-oriented channel by sending disconnection request.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_NO_FLOW_CONTROL_CREDIT   ((sl_status_t)0x0414)
 Returned when connection-oriented channel has run out of flow control credit and local application still trying to send data.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_REMOTE_DISCONNECTED   ((sl_status_t)0x040D)
 Returned when remote disconnects the connection-oriented channel by sending disconnection request.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_L2CAP_WRONG_STATE   ((sl_status_t)0x0417)
 Returned when local host application tries to send a command which is not suitable for L2CAP channel's current state.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_ADDRESS_ALREADY_USED   ((sl_status_t)0x0513)
 Returned when trying to assign an address that is used by one of the devices in the Device Database, or by the Provisioner itself.
 Returned when trying to reuse an address of a previously deleted device before an IV Index Update has been executed.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_ALREADY_EXISTS   ((sl_status_t)0x0501)
 Returned when trying to add a key or some other unique resource with an ID which already exists.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_ALREADY_INITIALIZED   ((sl_status_t)0x0506)
 An attempt was made to initialize a subsystem that was already initialized.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_DOES_NOT_EXIST   ((sl_status_t)0x0502)
 Returned when trying to manipulate a key or some other resource with an ID which does not exist.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_CANNOT_BIND   ((sl_status_t)0x130D)
 Returned when the requested bind operation cannot be performed due to general constraints.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_CANNOT_REMOVE   ((sl_status_t)0x130C)
 Returned when the requested delete operation cannot be performed due to general constraints.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_CANNOT_SET   ((sl_status_t)0x130F)
 Returned when the requested state cannot be set.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_CANNOT_UPDATE   ((sl_status_t)0x130B)
 Returned when the requested update operation cannot be performed due to general constraints.
 Returned when The node cannot serve the request due to insufficient resources.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_INVALID_ADDRESS   ((sl_status_t)0x1301)
 Returned when address in request was not valid.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_INVALID_APP_KEY   ((sl_status_t)0x1303)
 Returned when the key identified by AppKeyIndex is not stored in the node.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_INVALID_BINDING   ((sl_status_t)0x1311)
 Returned when the NetKeyIndex and AppKeyIndex combination is not valid for a Config AppKey Update.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_INVALID_MODEL   ((sl_status_t)0x1302)
 Returned when model identified is not found for a given element.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_INVALID_NET_KEY   ((sl_status_t)0x1304)
 Returned when the key identified by NetKeyIndex is not stored in the node.
 Returned when the model does not support the publish mechanism.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_KEY_INDEX_EXISTS   ((sl_status_t)0x1306)
 Returned when the key identified is already stored in the node and the new NetKey value is different.
 Returned when the model does not support the subscribe mechanism.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_NOT_SUPPORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x130A)
 Returned when requested setting is not supported.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_STORAGE_FAILURE   ((sl_status_t)0x1309)
 Returned when storing of the requested parameters failed.
 Returned when The node cannot start advertising with Node Identity or Proxy since the maximum number of parallel advertising is reached.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_FOUNDATION_UNSPECIFIED   ((sl_status_t)0x1310)
 Returned when an unspecified error took place.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_INVALID_ADDRESS   ((sl_status_t)0x0504)
 Returned when trying to use a reserved address or add a "pre-provisioned" device using an address already used by some other device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_LIMIT_REACHED   ((sl_status_t)0x0503)
 Returned when an operation cannot be executed because a pre-configured limit for keys, key bindings, elements, models, virtual addresses, provisioned devices, or provisioning sessions is reached.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_MALFORMED_DATA   ((sl_status_t)0x0505)
 In a BGAPI response, the user supplied malformed data; in a BGAPI event, the remote end responded with malformed or unrecognized data.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_NO_FRIEND_OFFER   ((sl_status_t)0x0508)
 Returned when trying to establish a friendship as a Low Power Node, but no acceptable friend offer message was received.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_NOT_INITIALIZED   ((sl_status_t)0x0507)
 An attempt was made to use a subsystem that wasn't initialized yet. Call the subsystem's init function first.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_CANNOT_ASSIGN_ADDR   ((sl_status_t)0x0511)
 Device could not assign unicast addresses to all of its elements.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_CONFIRMATION_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x050D)
 The computed confirmation value did not match the expected value.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_DECRYPTION_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x050F)
 The provisioning data block could not be decrypted.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_INVALID_PDU   ((sl_status_t)0x050A)
 An unrecognized provisioning PDU was received.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_INVALID_PDU_FORMAT   ((sl_status_t)0x050B)
 A provisioning PDU with wrong length or containing field values that are out of bounds was received.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_LINK_CLOSED   ((sl_status_t)0x0509)
 Provisioning link was unexpectedly closed before provisioning was complete.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_OUT_OF_RESOURCES   ((sl_status_t)0x050E)
 Provisioning could not be continued due to insufficient resources.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_UNEXPECTED_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x0510)
 An unexpected error happened during provisioning.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_MESH_PROV_UNEXPECTED_PDU   ((sl_status_t)0x050C)
 An unexpected (out of sequence) provisioning PDU was received.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_NO_BONDING   ((sl_status_t)0x0406)
 The bonding does not exist.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_OUT_OF_BONDS   ((sl_status_t)0x0402)
 Bonding procedure can't be started because device has no space left for bond.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_PS_KEY_NOT_FOUND   ((sl_status_t)0x041C)
 PS key not found.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_PS_STORE_FULL   ((sl_status_t)0x041B)
 Flash reserved for PS store is full.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_RADIO   ((sl_status_t)0x040C)
 Error received from radio.
 The pairing procedure cannot be performed as authentication requirements cannot be met due to IO capabilities of one or both devices.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_BREDR_PAIRING_IN_PROGRESS   ((sl_status_t)0x120D)
 Indicates that the pairing over the LE transport failed due to a Pairing Request sent over the BR/EDR transport in process.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_COMMAND_NOT_SUPPORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x1207)
 The SMP command received is not supported on this device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_CONFIRM_VALUE_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x1204)
 The confirm value does not match the calculated compare value.
 Indicates that the BR/EDR Link Key generated on the BR/EDR transport cannot be used to derive and distribute keys for the LE transport.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_DHKEY_CHECK_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x120B)
 Indicates to the remote device that the DHKey Check value received doesn't match the one calculated by the local device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_ENCRYPTION_KEY_SIZE   ((sl_status_t)0x1206)
 The resultant encryption key size is insufficient for the security requirements of this device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_INVALID_PARAMETERS   ((sl_status_t)0x120A)
 The Invalid Parameters error code indicates: the command length is invalid or a parameter is outside of the specified range.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_NUMERIC_COMPARISON_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x120C)
 Indicates that the confirm values in the numeric comparison protocol do not match.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_OOB_NOT_AVAILABLE   ((sl_status_t)0x1202)
 Out of Band data is not available for authentication.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_PAIRING_NOT_SUPPORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x1205)
 Pairing is not supported by the device.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_PASSKEY_ENTRY_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x1201)
 The user input of passkey failed, for example, the user cancelled the operation.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_REPEATED_ATTEMPTS   ((sl_status_t)0x1209)
 Pairing or authentication procedure is disallowed because too little time has elapsed since last pairing request or security request.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_SMP_UNSPECIFIED_REASON   ((sl_status_t)0x1208)
 Pairing failed due to an unspecified reason.
#define SL_STATUS_BT_UNSPECIFIED   ((sl_status_t)0x0403)
 Unspecified error.
#define SL_STATUS_BUS_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x004B)
 Bus error, e.g. invalid DMA address.
#define SL_STATUS_BUSY   ((sl_status_t)0x0004)
 Module is busy and cannot carry out requested operation.
#define SL_STATUS_CAN_CANOPEN_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0600)
#define SL_STATUS_CLI_STORAGE_NVM_OPEN_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x0045)
 Error in open NVM.
#define SL_STATUS_COMMAND_INCOMPLETE   ((sl_status_t)0x004A)
 Data received does not form a complete command.
#define SL_STATUS_COMMAND_IS_INVALID   ((sl_status_t)0x0048)
 Command was not recognized.
#define SL_STATUS_COMMAND_TOO_LONG   ((sl_status_t)0x0049)
 Command maximum length exceeded.
#define SL_STATUS_CONNECT_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0700)
#define SL_STATUS_DELETED   ((sl_status_t)0x0013)
 Object/construct has been deleted.
#define SL_STATUS_EEPROM_MFG_VERSION_MISMATCH   ((sl_status_t)0x0039)
#define SL_STATUS_EEPROM_STACK_VERSION_MISMATCH   ((sl_status_t)0x003A)
#define SL_STATUS_EMPTY   ((sl_status_t)0x001B)
 Item/list/queue is empty.
#define SL_STATUS_FAIL   ((sl_status_t)0x0001)
 Generic error.
#define SL_STATUS_FLASH_ERASE_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x003E)
 Flash erase failed.
#define SL_STATUS_FLASH_PROGRAM_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x003D)
 Flash programming failed.
#define SL_STATUS_FLASH_VERIFY_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x003C)
 Flash verification failed.
#define SL_STATUS_FLASH_WRITE_INHIBITED   ((sl_status_t)0x003B)
 Flash write is inhibited.
#define SL_STATUS_FULL   ((sl_status_t)0x001C)
 Item/list/queue is full.
#define SL_STATUS_GECKO_OS_1_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0E00)
#define SL_STATUS_GECKO_OS_2_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0F00)
#define SL_STATUS_GENERIC_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0000)
#define SL_STATUS_HARDWARE_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0300)
#define SL_STATUS_HAS_OVERFLOWED   ((sl_status_t)0x001E)
 Item/list/queue has been overflowed.
#define SL_STATUS_IDLE   ((sl_status_t)0x000A)
 Operation/module is Idle, cannot carry requested operation.
#define SL_STATUS_IN_PROGRESS   ((sl_status_t)0x0005)
 Operation is in progress and not yet complete (pass or fail).
#define SL_STATUS_INITIALIZATION   ((sl_status_t)0x0010)
 Initialization failed.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_CONFIGURATION   ((sl_status_t)0x0023)
 Invalid configuration provided.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_COUNT   ((sl_status_t)0x002B)
 Invalid count.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_CREDENTIALS   ((sl_status_t)0x002A)
 Invalid credentials.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE   ((sl_status_t)0x0025)
 Invalid handle.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_INDEX   ((sl_status_t)0x0027)
 Invalid index.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_KEY   ((sl_status_t)0x0029)
 Invalid key.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_MODE   ((sl_status_t)0x0024)
 Invalid mode.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER   ((sl_status_t)0x0021)
 Generic invalid argument or consequence of invalid argument.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_RANGE   ((sl_status_t)0x0028)
 Invalid range.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_SIGNATURE   ((sl_status_t)0x002C)
 Invalid signature / verification failed.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_STATE   ((sl_status_t)0x0002)
 Generic invalid state error.
#define SL_STATUS_INVALID_TYPE   ((sl_status_t)0x0026)
 Invalid type for operation.
#define SL_STATUS_IO   ((sl_status_t)0x002F)
 Generic I/O failure.
#define SL_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0030)
 I/O failure due to timeout.
#define SL_STATUS_IS_OWNER   ((sl_status_t)0x0020)
 Already/still owning resource.
#define SL_STATUS_IS_WAITING   ((sl_status_t)0x000B)
 Operation cannot be done while construct is waiting.
#define SL_STATUS_ISR   ((sl_status_t)0x0014)
 Illegal call from ISR.
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_ACK_HEADER_TYPE   ((sl_status_t)0x0043)
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_COMMAND_TRANSMIT_FAILURE   ((sl_status_t)0x0044)
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_INDIRECT_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0041)
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_NO_ACK_RECEIVED   ((sl_status_t)0x0040)
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_NO_DATA   ((sl_status_t)0x003F)
#define SL_STATUS_MAC_UNKNOWN_HEADER_TYPE   ((sl_status_t)0x0042)
#define SL_STATUS_MESSAGE_TOO_LONG   ((sl_status_t)0x0038)
 Message is too long.
#define SL_STATUS_NET_SUITE_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0800)
#define SL_STATUS_NETWORK_DOWN   ((sl_status_t)0x0016)
 Illegal call because network is down.
#define SL_STATUS_NETWORK_UP   ((sl_status_t)0x0015)
 Illegal call because network is up.
#define SL_STATUS_NO_BEACONS   ((sl_status_t)0x0018)
 Invalid operation as there are no beacons.
#define SL_STATUS_NO_MORE_RESOURCE   ((sl_status_t)0x001A)
 No more resource available to perform the operation.
#define SL_STATUS_NONE_WAITING   ((sl_status_t)0x000C)
 No task/construct waiting/pending for that action/event.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE   ((sl_status_t)0x000E)
 Feature not available due to software configuration.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_FOUND   ((sl_status_t)0x002D)
 Item could not be found.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED   ((sl_status_t)0x0011)
 Module has not been initialized.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_JOINED   ((sl_status_t)0x0017)
 Failure due to not being joined in a network.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_READY   ((sl_status_t)0x0003)
 Module is not ready for requested operation.
#define SL_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x000F)
 Feature not supported.
#define SL_STATUS_NULL_POINTER   ((sl_status_t)0x0022)
 Invalid null pointer received as argument.
#define SL_STATUS_OBJECT_READ   ((sl_status_t)0x0036)
 Failed to read on/via given object.
#define SL_STATUS_OBJECT_WRITE   ((sl_status_t)0x0037)
 Failed to write on/via given object.
#define SL_STATUS_OK   ((sl_status_t)0x0000)
 No error.
#define SL_STATUS_OWNERSHIP   ((sl_status_t)0x001F)
 Generic ownership error.
#define SL_STATUS_PERMISSION   ((sl_status_t)0x0008)
 Operation not allowed per permissions.
#define SL_STATUS_PLATFORM_1_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0100)
#define SL_STATUS_PLATFORM_2_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0200)
#define SL_STATUS_RECEIVE   ((sl_status_t)0x0035)
 Generic reception error.
#define SL_STATUS_SECURITY_DECRYPT_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x0047)
 Decryption failed.
#define SL_STATUS_SECURITY_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x0046)
 Image checksum is not valid.
#define SL_STATUS_SPACE_MASK   ((sl_status_t)0xFF00)
#define SL_STATUS_SUSPENDED   ((sl_status_t)0x000D)
 Operation cannot be done while construct is suspended.
#define SL_STATUS_THREAD_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0900)
#define SL_STATUS_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0007)
 Operation timed out.
#define SL_STATUS_TRANSMIT   ((sl_status_t)0x0031)
 Generic transmission error.
#define SL_STATUS_TRANSMIT_BUSY   ((sl_status_t)0x0034)
 Transmit is busy.
#define SL_STATUS_TRANSMIT_INCOMPLETE   ((sl_status_t)0x0033)
 Transmit is incomplete.
#define SL_STATUS_TRANSMIT_UNDERFLOW   ((sl_status_t)0x0032)
 Transmit underflowed.
#define SL_STATUS_USB_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0A00)
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_CHANNEL_NOT_ALLOWED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B19)
 The request failed due to regulatory limitations.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_CONNECTION_ABORTED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1B)
 The connection request was aborted by host.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_CONNECTION_AUTH_FAILURE   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1E)
 The connection request failed because the WPA handshake did not complete successfully.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_CONNECTION_REJECTED_BY_AP   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1D)
 The connection request failed because the AP rejected the device.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1C)
 The connection request failed because of a timeout.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_FIRMWARE_DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT   ((sl_status_t)0x0B02)
 The firmware download took too long.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_INVALID_KEY   ((sl_status_t)0x0B01)
 Invalid firmware keyset.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_NO_MATCHING_AP   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1A)
 The connection request failed because no suitable AP was found.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_NO_PACKET_TO_RECEIVE   ((sl_status_t)0x0B05)
 No Packets waiting to be received.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_RETRY_EXCEEDED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B1F)
 The request failed because the retry limit was exceeded.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_SECURE_LINK_EXCHANGE_FAILED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B14)
 SecureLink key (re)negotiation failed.
 The SecureLink MAC key installation failed.
 The SecureLink MAC key is already installed in OTP.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_SECURE_LINK_MAC_KEY_ERROR   ((sl_status_t)0x0B10)
 The SecureLink MAC key was not found.
 The SecureLink MAC key cannot be installed in RAM.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_SLEEP_GRANTED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B08)
 The sleep mode is granted.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_SLEEP_NOT_GRANTED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B09)
 The WFx does not go back to sleep.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0B00)
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_TX_LIFETIME_EXCEEDED   ((sl_status_t)0x0B20)
 The request failed because the MSDU life time was exceeded.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_UNSUPPORTED_MESSAGE_ID   ((sl_status_t)0x0B03)
 Unknown request ID or wrong interface ID used.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_WARNING   ((sl_status_t)0x0B04)
 The request is successful but some parameters have been ignored.
#define SL_STATUS_WIFI_WRONG_STATE   ((sl_status_t)0x0B18)
 The device is in an inappropriate state to perform the request.
#define SL_STATUS_WOULD_BLOCK   ((sl_status_t)0x0009)
 Non-blocking operation would block.
#define SL_STATUS_WOULD_OVERFLOW   ((sl_status_t)0x001D)
 Item would overflow.
#define SL_STATUS_Z_WAVE_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0D00)
#define SL_STATUS_ZIGBEE_SPACE   ((sl_status_t)0x0C00)


typedef uint32_t sl_status_t