Rail Native Modules

Here is a list of all modules:
EFR32xG1x_InterruptsEFR32xG1x-specific interrupt sources
RAIL APIThis is the primary API layer for the Radio Abstraction Interface Layer (RAIL)
Antenna ControlBasic APIs to control the Antenna functionality
EFR32EFR32 Antenna Control FunctionalityThese enumerations and structures are used with RAIL Antenna Control API
AssertionsCallbacks called by assertions
Auto-ACKAPIs for configuring auto-ACK functionality
CalibrationAPIs for calibrating the radio
EFR32EFR32-specific CalibrationsThe EFR32 supports the Image Rejection (IR) calibration and a temperature-dependent calibration
Data ManagementData management functions
DiagnosticAPIs for diagnostic and test chip modes
EFR32Types specific to the EFR32 for the diagnostic routines
EventsAPIs related to events
GeneralBasic APIs to set up and interact with the RAIL library
MultiprotocolMultiprotocol scheduler APIs to support multiple time-sliced PHYs
EFR32EFR32-specific multiprotocol support defines
Packet Trace (PTI)Basic APIs to set up and interact with PTI settings
EFR32EFR32 PTI functionalityThese enumerations and structures are used with RAIL PTI API
Protocol-specificProtocol-specific RAIL APIs
BLEAccelerator routines for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Angle of Arrival/DepartureThese APIs are to a stack implementing BLE's angle of arrival and angle of departure functionality
IEEE 802.15.4IEEE 802.15.4 configuration routines
Z-WaveZ-Wave configuration routines
RF Sense
RX Channel HoppingHardware accelerated hopping between channels while waiting for a packet in receive
Radio ConfigurationRoutines for setting up and querying radio configuration information
EFR32Types specific to the EFR32 for radio configuration
ReceiveAPIs related to packet receive
Address FilteringConfiguration APIs for receive packet address filtering
Packet InformationAPIs to get information about received packets
State Transitions
System TimingFunctionality related to the RAIL timer and general system time
TransmitAPIs related to transmitting data packets
Power Amplifier (PA)APIs for interacting with one of the on chip PAs
EFR32Types specific to the EFR32 for dealing with the on-chip PAs