BLE Error Codes

Generic Error Codes

The following table represents possible coex modes supported:

Table 1. Bluetooth Generic Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
0x4E01Unknown HCI command
0x4E02Unknown Connection Identifier
0x4E03Hardware failure
0x4E04Page timeout
0x4E05Authentication failure
0x4E06Pin missing
0x4E07Memory capacity exceeded
0x4E08Connection timeout
0x4E09Connection limit exceeded
0x4E0ASCO limit exceeded
0x4E0BACL Connection already exists
0x4E0CCommand disallowed
0x4E0DConnection rejected due to limited resources
0x4E0EConnection rejected due to security reasons
0x4E0FConnection rejected for BD address
0x4E10Connection accept timeout
0x4E11Unsupported feature or parameter
0x4E12Invalid HCI command parameter
0x4E13Remote user terminated connection
0x4E14Remote device terminated connection due to low resources
0x4E15Remote device terminated connection due to power off
0x4E16Local device terminated connection
0x4E17Repeated attempts
0x4E18Pairing not allowed
0x4E19Unknown LMP PDU
0x4E1AUnsupported remote feature
0x4E1BSCO offset rejected
0x4E1CSCO interval rejected
0x4E1DSCO Air mode rejected
0x4E1EInvalid LMP parameters
0x4E20Unsupported LMP Parameter
0x4E21Role change not allowed
0x4E22LMP response timeout
0x4E23LMP transaction collision
0x4E24LMP PDU not allowed
0x4E25Encryption mode not acceptable
0x4E26Link key cannot change
0x4E27Requested QOS not supported
0x4E28Instant passed
0x4E29Pairing with unit key not supported
0x4E2ADifferent transaction collision
0x4E2BReserved 1
0x4E2CQOS parameter not acceptable
0x4E2DQOS rejected
0x4E2EChannel classification not supported
0x4E2FInsufficient security
0x4E30Parameter out of mandatory range
0x4E31Reserved 2
0x4E32Role switch pending
0x4E33Reserved 3
0x4E34Reserved slot violation
0x4E35Role switch failed
0x4E36Extended Inquiry Response too large
0x4E37Extended SSP not supported
0X4E38Host busy pairing
0X4E3CDirected Advertising Timeout
0X4E3DConnection terminated due to MIC failure
0x4E3EConnection Failed to be Established
0X4E60Invalid Handle Range
0x4E62Invalid Parameters
0x4E63BLE Buffer Count Exceeded
0x4E64BLE Buffer already in use
0x4E65Invalid Attribute Length When Small Buffer Mode is Configured
0x4E66Invalid Name length when set to more than 16 bytes

Mode Error Codes

Table 2. BLE Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
0x4A01Invalid Handle
0x4A02Read not permitted
0x4A03Write not permitted
0x4A04Invalid PDU
0x4A05Insufficient authentication
0x4A06Request not supported
0x4A07Invalid offset
0x4A08Insufficient authorization
0x4A09Prepare queue full
0x4A0AAttribute not found
0x4A0BAttribute not Long
0x4A0CInsufficient encryption key size
0x4A0DInvalid attribute value length
0x4A0EUnlikely error
0x4A0FInsufficient encryption
0x4A10Unsupported group type
0x4A11Insufficient resources
0x4B01SMP Passkey entry failed
0x4B02SMP OOB not available
0x4B03SMP Authentication Requirements
0x4B04SMP confirm value failed
0x4B05SMP Pairing not supported
0x4B06SMP Encryption key size insufficient
0x4B07SMP command not supported
0x4B08SMP pairing failed
0x4B09SMP repeated attempts
0x4B0CSMP Failed
0x4C02PSM Conn Failed
0x4D00BLE Remote device found
0x4D01BLE Remote device not found
0x4D02BLE Remote device structure full
0x4D03Unable to change state
0x4D04BLE not connected
0x4D05BLE socket not available.
0x4D06Attribute record not found
0x4D07Attribute entry not found
0x4D08Profile record full
0x4D09Attribute record full
0x4D0ABLE profile not found (profile handler invalid)
0x4057HW Buffer Overflow