Bluetooth GATT Configurator#

The Simplicity Studio® 5 (SSv5) Bluetooth GATT Configurator is a simple-to-use tool to help build a customized Bluetooth GATT database for Bluetooth projects. It is accessed through the Advanced Configurators software component group on the Project Configurator SOFTWARE COMPONENTS tab, or by double-clicking the project file config > btconf > gatt_configuration.btconf.

The Bluetooth GATT Configurator is composed of a Custom GATT editor on the left, showing a list of project Profiles/Services/Characteristics/Descriptors, and a Settings editor on the right. A SIG selector allows you to add standard elements to the profile. An options menu is provided at the top of the Custom GATT editor.

The Custom GATT editor is always visible, and the Settings editor opens by default.

gatt configurator startgatt configurator start

The Bluetooth GATT Configurator menu is:

new project gatt configurator menunew project gatt configurator menu

  1. Add an item.

  2. Duplicate the selected item.

  3. Move the selected item up.

  4. Move the selected item down.

  5. Import a Bluetooth GATT database.

  6. Add Predefined (opens the SIG editor).

  7. Delete the selected item.

SIG Selector#

Click the Add Predefined menu button (6) to open the SIG selector. The SIG Selector displays a list of predefined Profiles, Services, Characteristics, and Descriptors. These items can be filtered, using the filter pane. Tabs allow you to switch between different lists. As shown in the following figure, the pane on the right side of the list displays textual information about the latest selection. To add an item to the Custom GATT editor, mouse over it and click + on the right. The item can then be edited in the Settings section. The selected SIG service/characteristic/descriptor will be added under the highlighted profile/service/characteristic. Click < BACK to return to the Setting Editor. Click View Manual to see more information about Bluetooth GATT database items.

gatt config siggatt config sig

The GATT Configurator does not automatically save changes. An asterisk next to the configuration file name indicates unsaved changes in the configuration. Database generation happens automatically when the configuration is saved. The generated source files can be found in the autogen directory:

gatt config filesgatt config files

Custom GATT Editor#

The Custom GATT Editor in the right pane of the GATT Configurator displays the items present in the current configuration file. This includes a Custom GATT Profile, Services, Characteristics, and Descriptors displayed as a hierarchical list. The order of items shown reflects the order in which they exist in the GATT database. When the Settings Editor is open, you can select an item to see its properties and configuration.

gatt config custom editorgatt config custom editor

Note: The Generic Attribute Service is not listed in the Custom GATT database structure. This is a special service that is maintained by the stack, and can be added by enabling the Generic Attribute Service slider in the settings of the Custom BLE GATT profile. Once enabled, the service will be part of the database. It still will not appear in the Custom GATT database structure or on iOS devices, as iOS hides this service, but you may see it on Android devices for example.

gatt config generic attribute servicegatt config generic attribute service

Some services are listed in the configurator as "contributed items". This means that their content is defined in other components, and they cannot be edited from this view.

Settings Editor#

The Settings editor allows you to configure the properties of items such as Profiles, Services, Characteristics and Descriptors that are present in the Custom GATT editor. Selecting an item populates the relevant configuration options such as the name, ID, properties and capabilities. Any changes made in this section are reflected immediately for the selected item. You can minimize the Custom GATT editor while working in the Settings editor, as shown in the following figure. All Characteristics for a Service are included in the same Settings editor pane.

gatt config settings editorgatt config settings editor

Additional Information#

For more information on specific use cases in the GATT Configurator, see UG438: GATT Configurator User's Guide in Bluetooth SDK 3.x.