Known Issues#

Simplicity Studio® Version





Slower project build times are seen on Windows compared to Linux.

Use an external 64-bit make.exe such as the one available from mingw. Once the make.exe is available, use a text editor on the studio.ini line in the Simplicity Studio installation directory and add a line like this to the end of the file: -Dstudio.makeLocation=C:/msys64/usr/bin/ This helps most noticeably on incremental builds. Note using an external make.exe may not work with the Keil 8051 toolchain.


Linux: Font for Launch Console and TCP/IP Adapter preferences is sometimes not readable.

On some Linux installations the font used for the Launch Console and TCP/IP Adapter Preferences is displayed as Wing Dings. A customer found this work around: Search for icons.ttf in the Simplicity Studio 5 configuration/org.eclipse.osgi folders and then install that font into the Linux system.


A GNU ARM C++ created project (such as an OpenThread project) may generate build errors similar to this: cc1plus.exe: fatal error: sl_gcc_preinclude.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

Open the Project Configurator (.slcp) file and click Force Generation from the Overview tab.


Navigation buttons (back, forward, etc.) do not show on the Simplicity IDE toolbar after restart in the Simplicity IDE perspective.

Change to a different perspective, such as the Launcher perspective, and then change back to the Simplicity IDE perspective.


If a project's properties are changed, and then the project is renamed, the Refresh Policy folder name is not updated and every build is treated as a full rebuild.

Right-click the project folder and select Properties >C/C++ Build. Go to the Refresh Policy tab and delete the folder name. Click Add Resource... and add the folder for the renamed project.


When using the Component Editor to change which peripheral to use in a component instance, any existing assignments are not automatically cleared which can result in pin assignment errors.

first set the module to ‘None’ and then to make the new assignment.


When a project is upgraded to a new GSDK, the project will end up being closed as part of the process. If an internal error message is displayed because the project container is shutdown, it is safe to ignore this error as it is a timing error and the project was upgraded.

Ignore the error.


When re-starting a Wireshark Data Source session on a device that has an active Wireshark Data Source session in progress, the new session fails to start. This is caused by an issue terminating the active session.

Manually stop the active session and start a new session.


Wireshark Data Source sometimes fails to start and returns the error message Wireshark Data Source timed out waiting for Silabs-PTI job. Please try again. This is due to an intermittent failure in the Silabs PTI packet trace resource.

Click OK in the error message dialog to terminate session, and start a new Wireshark Data Source session.


Indexer semantic errors can be seen with Windows 11. Indexer error do not affect building the project, but they can affect navigation to the unresolved items.

There is no known work around for this issue.


Simplicity Studio stability issues after an update

If Simplicity Studio becomes non-functional after installing updates, the quickest recovery is to reinstall Simplicity Studio.


If a breakpoint is placed in the GDB disassembler window, the breakpoint will be active for all projects. On unrelated projects, this can lead to the debugger ‘running away’ and continuously reading registers.

Pause the debugger and in the breakpoint window click the XX “Remove all Breakpoints” icon. Then terminate, right-click the project in the Debug window, and select “Terminate and Remove”. New debug sessions should start correctly.


The GDB Server supports placing unlimited breakpoints in flash memory, but on series 2 parts (EFx32xG2x), if flash breakpoints are used, it triggers the fault handler.

Only set hardware breakpoints, so no more than 8 breakpoints at a time.


The internal web browser used for several Simplicity Studio windows is not fully compatible with the Wayland display protocol and that can make it difficult or impossible for a field in a dialog box to get input focus.

Sign out of Ubuntu and then change the sign on setting to Ubuntu on Xorg.


The GDB Watchpoint dialog allows an expression to be entered as a condition for when the watchpoint will be triggered. This is not working with GDB.

Either just use a read or write access watchpoint or else add conditional code that checks the desired value so that a normal breakpoint can be entered.