New Features#

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • Project Configuration Report Generator: Provides a report including

    • Target hardware device

    • Target hardware device pin mapping

    • Target SDK

    • Software extensions used in the build

    • Installed application, utility, and platform software components

  • Post-Build Editor:Allows for ease of post-build image creation:

    • YAML file is modified to include steps.

    • YAML file can be provided to Simplicity Commander to create an OTA upgrade image.

  • Support for Visual Studio Code as a Companion IDE: Basic IDE functionality within VS Code using a Silicon Labs Extension.

    • Build

    • Flash

    • Debug

  • Extended Matter Enablement Package support to cover example project configuration, build, and debug.

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • Introduction of Matter Support:

    • Pre-built Matter demos now supported within the Simplicity Studio Launcher perspective.

    • Matter Enablement Package now available from the Installation Manager.

  • Integrated Wireshark Launching from the Debug Adapters view.

  • Usability improvements to the Package Manager.

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

  • Support for the EFR32xG24 Explorer Kit.

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • Eclipse upgraded to v4.23, featuring several bug fixes and improvements, including improved support for the latest MacOS versions.

  • Logic Analyzer view added to Energy Profiler for use with the general-purpose logic analyzer input pins of the Wireless Pro Kit mainboard (e.g. xG24-PK6009A featuring BRD4002A).

  • New Wi-SUN Configurator tool available, providing easy graphical configuration of the main Wi-SUN application settings.

  • New filters added to Launcher -> Example Projects & Demos view to help users filter by wireless technology, device type, level/difficulty, quality, and more.

  • New "Quick Links" view added to the SLC Project Configurator.

  • Bluetooth Direction Finding (AoA) tool suite update with new playback and visualization features.

  • Support for SDK Extensions as defined by the SLC Specification.

  • Improvements to the Linux installation dependencies and scripts.

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • NCP Commander enhancements

  • Bluetooth LE Direction Finding tools suite v1.0

  • Installation of GSDKs published on GitHub

  • Dynamic GATT Configuration

  • IDE Dark Theme improvements

  • Multi-Project Solutions

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • Support for upgrading SLC projects to a newer SDK

  • NCP Commander updates:

    • Advertiser improvements including ability to build custom advertisement data packets, fine tune the TX Power, and export to incorporate settings into firmware.

    • Devices discovery improvements: ability to favorite devices and new filter by device name, address, RSSI, raw advertising data or favorite devices.

    • RF Regulatory Tests: ability to add CTE to DTM packets

    • Standalone version with access to all system COM ports may be launched through Tools dialog or Compatible Tools tab (see the Bluetooth NCP Commander page for more information)

  • Bluetooth Mesh Configurator updates

    • New warnings if Device Composition Data does not comply with the specification

    • Various bug fixes and improvements to validate model rules

  • Upgrade to support integrations with IAR Embedded Workbench v8.50.9

  • Upgraded default GCC compiler to version Arm GCC v10.2

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

This release includes the following key features:

  • Beta release of GNU Debugger (GDB) support

    Simplicity Studio 5.1 includes Beta-level support for a GDB client and SEGGER's GDB server.

  • GitHub integration for access to software example repositories

    Starting in Simplicity Studio 5.1, developers may clone sample projects from within the Gecko SDK or within compatible GitHub repos.

  • Bluetooth Mesh support

    Starting in Simplicity Studio 5.1 and Gecko SDK 3.1, Bluetooth Mesh is supported in the new Project Configurator workflow. Studio 5.1 introduces the all-new Bluetooth Mesh Configurator tool for configuring a Bluetooth Mesh node's Device Composition Data (DCD).

  • Bluetooth NCP Commander

    Bluetooth NCP Commander is a new Simplicity Studio 5 interactive console tool for sending BGAPI commands to a Bluetooth NCP application connected to a development host machine.

Simplicity Studio® 5 version

The initial release of SSv5 includes the following key features:

  • Launcher

    • Fresh, clean user interface

    • Automatic detection of connected development boards

    • Context-aware development board and target device developer resources

    • SDK download and update manager

    • Easy programming of pre-built demo apps

    • Simple cloning of software examples

    • Quick access to software and hardware documentation with search and filter capabilities

  • Software creation & management tools

    • Support for Gecko SDK Suite 3.0 and later

    • Creation of projects for

      • The integrated Simplicity Studio IDE

      • IAR Embedded Workbench

      • Command-line GNU toolchain (GNU makefiles)

    • Searchable library of device-relevant software making it easy to add software components to projects

    • Configure software components in a GUI or text (C source) editor

      • Configurable peripheral initialization, drivers, middleware, kernels and utilities

    • Built-in software configuration error-checking

    • Software dependency manager simplifies porting from

      • SDK to SDK

      • Silicon Labs development kits to custom hardware designs

    • Graphical configuration tools

      • Pin tool to assign pin and peripheral hardware resources

      • Proprietary radio configurator tool

      • Editor for Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)

    • Source/Project management and revision control

      • Option to copy or link SDK source

      • No hard-coded paths

      • Clear separation between SDK and customer source code

      • Easy transfer of projects (share/import/export of projects)

      • Source code management and software engineering workflows

  • Development Tools

    • Powerful integrated development environment (IDE)

      • Built on latest Eclipse framework (v4.14 and newer)

      • C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT, v9.10 and newer)

      • Eclipse marketplace to enhance and customize

    • Valuable insights with Silicon Labs analysis tools

      • Wireless network traffic capture and analysis

        • Test and analyze the traffic of your wireless devices and networks

        • Data collected directly from devices under test

        • Includes signal strength, LQI (Link Quality Indicator) and filtering information (unique to Silicon Labs)

      • Capture and display energy usage

        • Monitor single device or multiple nodes on a wireless network

        • Code-correlated energy data – identify where your embedded application is consuming energy and design power-optimized applications

        • Advanced trigger and search functions locate power events