Wi-Fi Protected Setup#

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard for easy and secure wireless network setup and connections. The OSD driver supports the following configuration method:

  • Push Button Method

WPS uses the following terms to describe the entities participating in the network setup:

Access Point: WLAN access point

Registrar: A device that controls a network and can authorize addition of new devices. This may be either in the AP ("internal Registrar") or in an external device, e.g., a laptop, ("external Registrar")

Enrollee: A device that is being authorized to use the network

It should also be noted that the AP and a client device may change roles (i.e., AP acts as an Enrollee and client device as a Registrar) when WPS is used to configure the access point.)

STA Mode WPS Configuration#

A WPS Configuration file is used for setting up a connection with a remote Access Point. A sample WPS configuration file is given below for reference.

manufacturer=Redpine Signals, Inc.model_name=M2MCombo
config_methods=display push_button keypad  

The steps for configuring WPS in Client mode are as follows:

  1. Start the driver in Client mode.

  2. To start the supplicant, run the following command without any network block:

    # wpa_supplicant -i <vap_name> -D nl80211 -c <wps_conf_file> -ddddt 
  3. For Push Button method:

    • Push the button on the Access Point

    • run the following command for the n-Link® STA

      # wpa_cli -i <vap_name> -p <path of ctrl sockets> wps_pbc <bssid>  
    • This is the Access Point's MAC address. If the BSSID is not known, the input parameter will be the string named "any"

    • Wait for the STA to parse all the WPS Access Points.

AP Mode WPS Push Button Configuration#

WPS support is not enabled in default Hostapd application. Enable the below configuration in hostpad build configuration (.config) and compile hostpad.


Enable the changes below in hostpad configuration file.

os_version=01020300<br>config_methods=display push_button keypad

The steps for configuring WPS in AP mode are as follows:

  1. Start the driver in AP mode.

  2. Start the Hostapd with configuration file as input (ex: ap.conf), as given below.

    # hostapd ap.conf –dddt > log_file & 
  3. Run the following command for push button. This pbc mode lasts up to two minutes, within two minutes a client needs to be connected else AP will move out of WPS-PBC.

    # hostapdcli wps_pbc
  4. For station in WPS-PBC user can follow the steps in STA mode WPS configuration section and try connecting with AP .