A Z-Wave controller or gateway lets you add/remove/control all the devices running on the Z-Wave network via the Internet by bridging the Z-Wave PAN to UDP/IP. The components of the gateway supplied by Silicon Labs are shown in the diagram below.

Software Stack Diagram

Z/IP Gateway#

Z/IP gateway is a UDP/IP wrapper for Z-Wave command classes, which implements a set of Z/IP management command classes as defined in the network command class specification. Z/IP Gateway can communicate with the Z-Wave SerialAPI through USB to a UZB-7. Z/IP Gateway is delivered as source in Simplicity Studio.

To start using Z/IP gateway, see the Getting Started for Controller Devices document. It describes how to get up and running with Z/IP gateway, PyZip, and Z-Ware on Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu.

In addition, the Z/IP gateway user manual is included along with the source code in Simplicity Studio (in the Doxygen folder).

The details of the Z/IP gateway architecture are described in the following documents.

Z/IP Gateway SDK Release Notes


PyZip is a GUI Z/IP gateway client that can be used for debugging Z/IP gateway. The Python source for it is included along with the gateway source code. PyZip is described in the getting started guide linked to above.


Z-Ware is an example Z/IP gateway client application. Z-Ware can be used as a Web interface to Z/IP gateway, or simply as a C API. Z-Ware source code is delivered in Simplicity Studio. The Z-Ware Web server is built on top of the Z-Ware C API library and can be run locally on the same platform as Z/IP gateway or run remotely with multiple Z/IP gateways in portal mode.

Z-Ware C API developers should see the Z-Ware SDK Library C API Reference Manual, Z-Ware SDK Library User Guide, and the sample apps provided in the src\zware\zwportal\src\zwave\hcapi\demos directory of the source code.

Z-Ware developers using the Web interface should first see the Z-Ware SDK Web User Guide. The details of the Web server API are described in the Z-Ware SDK Web Developer Guide. The Z-Ware SDK Web Server & Native Apps Installation Guide describes the setup steps for the web server and the Z-Wave iOS and Android apps.

Z-Ware SDK Release Notes

Z-Ware SDK Errata Note


UZB-7 is the Z-Wave hardware required to run Z/IP gateway.