Defines a platform abstraction layer for the Z-Wave radio.

The ZPAL Radio module contains several APIs which are required to be implemented.

A user of this radio module shall first define all parameters of the Z-Wave Radio Profile (i.e., zpal_radio_profile_t) and initialise the radio using zpal_radio_init API.

After the initialisation of the radio is executed, the user can use any of the radio APIs to execute radio related paradigm for instance

  • zpal_radio_transmit shall be used to transmit a Z-Wave frame on radio

  • zpal_radio_start_receive shall be used to enable the reception of Z-Wave frame

The radio API assumes that the radio will return to receive mode with channel hopping enabled after transmitting a frame.

Initialization of the radio#

RXHandlerFromISR(zpal_radio_event_t rxStatus)
   // Rx handle in ISR context

TXHandlerFromISR(zpal_radio_event_t txEvent)
  // Tx complete handle in ISR context

RegionChangeHandler(zpal_radio_event_t regionChangeStatus)
  // Region changed, make sure region specific data and statistics are cleared

RadioAssertHandler(zpal_radio_event_t assertVal)
  // Radio driver or hardware asserted, handle it

  static zpal_radio_profile_t RfProfile;
  static zpal_radio_network_stats_t sNetworkStatistic = {0};
  static uint8_t network_homeid[4] = {0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF};

  // Set radio for US always on mode
  static zpal_radio_profile_t RfProfile = {.region = REGION_US,
                                    .wakeup = ZPAL_RADIO_WAKEUP_ALWAYS_LISTEN,
                                    .listen_before_talk_threshold = ELISTENBEFORETALKTRESHOLD_DEFAULT,
                                    .tx_power_max = 0,
                                    .tx_power_adjust = 33,
                                    .tx_power_max_lr = 140,
                                    .home_id = &network_homeid,
                                    .rx_cb = RXHandlerFromISR,
                                    .tx_cb = TXHandlerFromISR,
                                    .region_change_cb = RegionChangeHandler,
                                    .assert_cb = RadioAssertHandler,
                                    .network_stats = &sNetworkStatistic,
                                    .radio_debug_enable = false,
                                    .primary_lr_channel = ZPAL_RADIO_LR_CHANNEL_A};