Deprecated List

The maximum allowed endpoint value.
The maximum length in bytes of the application payload for a secured message. This define has been deprecated, you should use the emberGetMaximumPayloadLength API instead.
Global emberIncomingBeaconHandler (EmberPanId panId, EmberNodeId nodeId, int8_t rssi, bool permitJoining, uint8_t payloadLength, uint8_t *payload)
This stack handler has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The application should implement emberIncomingBeaconExtendedHandler instead.
Global emberMacSetAllocateAddressFlag (bool allocateAddress)
Configures the "allocate address" flag in the association request command for nodes joining as EMBER_MAC_MODE_DEVICE or EMBER_MAC_MODE_SLEEPY_DEVICE. This flag should be set if the device wishes to obtain a random 16-bit address from the coordinator. If cleared, the coordinator will not assign a 16-bit address to the device.