Gecko OS is now in maintenance and is not recommended for new designs. Please see the Software Advisory for detailed information (registration required).

Release Notes for Gecko OS Edition 2

Gecko OS 2 evolved from ZentriOS WL 1.5. To update from ZentriOS WL to Gecko OS, see Updating to Gecko OS. This page also lists differences between ZentriOS WL and Gecko OS 2.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Gecko OS 2. See release notes for the latest version of Gecko OS 2.

Version String

Note that the version string changes format in Gecko OS 2. The ZentriOS WL 1.5 version string is similar to:

ZENTRI-AMW007-, 2018-09-03T06:06:14Z, ZentriOS-WL-, Board:AMW007-E03.2

The Gecko OS 2 version string is similar to:

SILABS-AMW007-2.1.5, Gecko OS-2.1.5, AMW007-W00001

The version number in Gecko OS 2 contains major version, minor version, and patch version, e.g. 2.1.5. It does not contain a release candidate version number.

Gecko OS 2.3.0 Release

Last Updated: April, 2020

This release contains a security update to the underlying Wi-Fi firmware/SDK as well as support for a new serial flash used in the AMW007 and AMW037.

To update to this release from a previous release, use the following command:

dfu_update -b 2.3.0

The following changes document the differences between Gecko OS 2.3 and Gecko OS 2.2.

Known Issues

Last Updated : April, 2020

TopicDescriptionSolution or Workaround
http_post data size 5000 byte limithttp_post data size is limited to 5000 bytes.Break the http_post activity into multiple requests with sizes smaller than 5000 bytes.
system.indicator.statesystem.indicator.state is read only. The variable cannot be set.There is no workaround.
softap.idle_timeoutThe variable softap.idle_timeout is listed in Gecko OS 2.2 but its function is not supported.There is no workaround.
Unexpected SoftAP startupA bare AMW0x7 module, as used in custom PCB designs, may leave GPIO5 floating. Since setup.gpio.control_gpio defaults to GPIO5, setup_web mode may be invoked on boot or reset if the floating GPIO5 is pulled/drifts high. In this case, the SoftAP interface will be brought up.Disable setup.gpio.control_gpio by setting it to -1. Alternatively modify the hardware design to actively drive GPIO5 (low during PoR/boot-up).

Fixes and Improvements

Security vulnerabilitiesFixes for security vulnerabilities described in the link below are included.
BSSID join supportJoining a Wi-Fi network using BSSID is now supported
HTTP clientHTTP client's field names are now case-insensitive
tcp_serverTCP server STREAM mode now handles reconnections properly
HTTP serverHTTP server now does not start unintentionally when http.server.enabled is 0
ICMP pingIf not connected, ping now brings the WLAN network up first before sending a ping request.
file_copyfile_copy command now executes successfully

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