WDOG - Watchdog


Watchdog (WDOG) Peripheral API.

This module contains functions to control the WDOG peripheral of Silicon Labs 32-bit MCUs and SoCs. The WDOG resets the system in case of a fault condition.

Data Structures

struct WDOG_Init_TypeDef
Watchdog initialization structure.


void WDOGn_Enable (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog, bool enable)
Enable/disable the watchdog timer.
void WDOGn_Feed (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog)
Feed WDOG.
void WDOGn_Init (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog, const WDOG_Init_TypeDef *init)
Initialize WDOG (assuming the WDOG configuration has not been locked).
void WDOGn_Lock (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog)
Lock the WDOG configuration.
void WDOGn_SyncWait (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog)
Wait for the WDOG to complete all synchronization of register changes and commands.
void WDOGn_Unlock (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog)
Unlock the WDOG configuration.
void WDOGn_IntClear (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog, uint32_t flags)
Clear one or more pending WDOG interrupts.
void WDOGn_IntDisable (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog, uint32_t flags)
Disable one or more WDOG interrupts.
void WDOGn_IntEnable (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog, uint32_t flags)
Enable one or more WDOG interrupts.
uint32_t WDOGn_IntGet (WDOG_TypeDef *wdog)