si114x_algorithm.c File Reference

Configures and calculates gestures from Si1147.


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Definition in file si114x_algorithm.c .

#include " si114x_algorithm.h "
#include " si114x_functions.h "
#include " si1147_i2c.h "


#define HOVER_TASKLIST 0x1
#define LED1I 0xb
#define LED2I 0xb
#define LED3I 0xb
#define MEASRATE_FAST 320
#define MEASRATE_SLOW 32000
#define PS_THRESHOLD 275
#define SI1147_DEVICE_ID 0x47
#define UV_TASKLIST 0x80


static gesture_t ProcessSi1147Samples (Si114x_Sample_TypeDef *samples)
Implements the algorithm for detecting gestures on the sensor STK. Should be called with new sample data every time an interrupt is received.
static void readPSData (HANDLE si114x_handle , Si114x_Sample_TypeDef *sample)
Reads the PS measurement data from the Si1147.
int Si1147_ConfigureDetection (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr, int lowpower)
Initializes and configures the Si1147 sensor.
int Si1147_Detect_Device (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr)
Detects whether Si1147 is on the i2c bus.
int Si1147_GetInterruptOutputEnable (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr, int *enable)
Get the enable status of the Si1147 interrupt pin.
int Si1147_MeasureUVAndObjectPresent (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr, uint16_t *uvIndex, int *objectDetect)
Reads the UV measurement data and checks for object in proximity to the Si1147.
gesture_t Si1147_NewSample (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr, uint32_t timestamp)
Reads new measurement data and processes a new sample. This function should be called every time an interrupt for a new sample is received.
int Si1147_SetInterruptOutputEnable (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, uint8_t addr, int enable)
Enables or disables the Si1147 interrupt pin.


static si114x_i2c_t * si114x_handle = &si114x_i2c
static si114x_i2c_t si114x_i2c

Function Documentation

static gesture_t ProcessSi1147Samples ( Si114x_Sample_TypeDef * samples )

Implements the algorithm for detecting gestures on the sensor STK. Should be called with new sample data every time an interrupt is received.

[in] samples New sample data received from the sensor.
Returns the type of gesture detected (as defined by gesture_t).

Definition at line 237 of file si114x_algorithm.c .

Referenced by Si1147_NewSample() .

static void readPSData ( HANDLE si114x_handle,
Si114x_Sample_TypeDef * sample

Reads the PS measurement data from the Si1147.

[in] si114x_handle Contains i2c peripheral information. See definition of si114x_i2c_t.
[out] sample The sample data read from the sensor.

Definition at line 187 of file si114x_algorithm.c .

References Si114xReadFromRegister() .

Referenced by Si1147_NewSample() .