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Silicon Labs Graphics Library: General Routines.


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Definition in file glib.c .

#include <stdint.h>
#include "em_types.h"
#include "em_device.h"
#include " glib.h "


#define GLIB_DEFAULT_FONT (( GLIB_Font_t *)& GLIB_FontNormal8x8 )


EMSTATUS GLIB_applyClippingRegion (const GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Apply the clipping region from the GLIB_Context_t in the DMD driver.
EMSTATUS GLIB_clear ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Clears the display with the background color of the GLIB_Context_t.
EMSTATUS GLIB_clearRegion (const GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Clears the clipping region by filling it with the background color of the GLIB_Context_t.
void GLIB_colorTranslate24bpp (uint32_t color, uint8_t *red, uint8_t *green, uint8_t *blue)
Extracts the color components from the 32-bit color passed and puts them in the passed in 8-bits ints. The color is 24-bit RGB.
EMSTATUS GLIB_contextInit ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Initialize the GLIB_Context_t.
EMSTATUS GLIB_displaySleep ()
Sets the display in sleep mode.
EMSTATUS GLIB_displayWakeUp ()
Returns the display from sleep mode.
EMSTATUS GLIB_drawPixel ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext, int32_t x, int32_t y)
Draws a pixel at x, y using foregroundColor defined in the GLIB_Context_t.
EMSTATUS GLIB_drawPixelColor ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext, int32_t x, int32_t y, uint32_t color)
Draws a pixel at x, y using the color parameter.
EMSTATUS GLIB_drawPixelRGB ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext, int32_t x, int32_t y, uint8_t red, uint8_t green, uint8_t blue)
Draws a pixel at x, y with color defined by red, green and blue 1 byte per channel.
EMSTATUS GLIB_resetClippingRegion ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Reset the GLIB_Context_t clipping region to the whole display.
EMSTATUS GLIB_resetDisplayClippingArea ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext)
Reset the display driver clipping area to the whole display.
uint32_t GLIB_rgbColor (uint8_t red, uint8_t green, uint8_t blue)
Convert 3 uint8_t color components into a 24-bit color.
EMSTATUS GLIB_setClippingRegion ( GLIB_Context_t *pContext, const GLIB_Rectangle_t *pRect)
Sets the clippingRegion of the passed in GLIB_Context_t.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GLIB_DEFAULT_FONT   (( GLIB_Font_t *)& GLIB_FontNormal8x8 )

Define the default font. An application can override the default font by defining GLIB_NO_DEFAULT_FONT and by providing a custom GLIB_DEFAULT_FONT macro that points to a GLIB_Font_t structure that should be used as a default font.

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