Running the Matter Demo over Wi-Fi for SiWx917 SoC#

Note: SiWx917 SoC device support is available in the latest Simplicity Studio and Simplicity Commander(version 1v15p3)

Flashing Images/Binaries on the SiWx917 SoC platform using Simplicity Studio#

  1. SiWx917 SoC boards supported:

    • BRD4325B - Dual Flash Boards

    • BRD4325C & BRD4325G - common flash boards

  2. Plug the WSTK with SiWx917 SoC into the laptop.SiWx917 soc Device

  3. For updating SiWx917 SoC Firmware, Refer Firmware Update.

  4. To Build and flash Matter application on SiWx917 SoC using simplicity studio Building and Flashing MATTER Application through Studio

  5. Go to Demo Execution - Commissioning a SiWx917 SoC Device using chip-tool for Linux section, to run the demo with SiWx917 SoC

Alternate flashing methods for SiWx917 SoC without Simplicity Studio#

  1. Flashing the Matter application using commander tool

  2. Flashing the Matter application using Ozone Debugger


  1. SiWx917 SoC Common flash boards are not supported by Ozone.

  2. To enable RTT logs, download JlinkDevices.xml file from the Matter Artifacts page and install in the Jlink installation path.

Demo Execution - Commissioning a SiWx917 SoC Device using chip-tool for Linux#

Note: Commissioning can be done using chip-tool running either on Linux or Raspberry Pi.

  1. Get the SSID and PSK of the Wi-Fi network (WPA2 - Security) you are connected to.

  2. Run the following:

    $ cd $MATTER_WORKDIR/matter

    Commissioning Command:#

    $ out/standalone/chip-tool pairing ble-wifi 1122 $SSID $PSK 20202021 3840

Note: The Node ID used here is 1122. This will be used in future commands. The below given steps (3, 4, 5) are for Lighting-app, use app specific commands if you are using any other application.

  1. To turn on the LED on the SiWx917:

    $ out/standalone/chip-tool onoff on 1122 1
  2. To turn off the LED on the SiWx917:

    $ out/standalone/chip-tool onoff off 1122 1
  3. The updated on/off state may be verified with the following command:

    $ out/standalone/chip-tool onoff read on-off 1122 1

If you are having difficulty getting the chip-tool to commission the device successfully, refer to the troubleshooting information on the Running the Matter Demos over Wi-Fi on EFR32 hosts page.

As the device remembers the Access Point credentials given for commissioning, if you want to run the demo multiple times, do a Factory Reset.

The commissioning command mentioned above does the following:

  • chip-tool scans BLE and locates the Silicon Labs device that uses the specified discriminator

  • Sends the Wi-Fi SSID and Passkey

  • The Silicon Labs device will join the Wi-Fi network and get an IP address. It then starts providing mDNS records on IPv4 and IPv6

  • chip-tool then locates the device over Wi-Fi and establishes operational certificates

  • Future communications (tests) will then happen over Wi-Fi