EUSART_IrDAInit_TypeDef Struct Reference

IrDA Initialization structure.

Definition at line 259 of file em_eusart.h.

#include <em_eusart.h>

Data Fields

EUSART_UartInit_TypeDef init
 General EUSART initialization structure.
bool irDALowFrequencyEnable
 Enable the IrDA low frequency mode. Only Rx operation are enabled.
EUSART_IrDAPulseWidth_Typedef irDAPulseWidth
EUSART_IrDARxFilterEnable_TypeDef irDARxFilterEnable
 Set to enable filter on IrDA demodulator.

Field Documentation

EUSART_IrDAPulseWidth_Typedef EUSART_IrDAInit_TypeDef::irDAPulseWidth

Configure the pulse width generated by the IrDA modulator as a fraction of the configured EUSART bit period.

Definition at line 271 of file em_eusart.h.

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