Stores all runtime values for an enabled capacitive sensor.

Definition at line 71 of file cslib.h.

#include <cslib.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t activeIndicator
 Bit array showing whether touch is qualified on sensor, uses DEBOUNCE_ACTIVE_MASK.
signed char baselineAccumulator
 Tracks trend of CS values to determine whether baseline rises or falls.
uint32_t currentBaseline
 Runtime estimate of untouched or inactive state of CS sensor input.
uint8_t debounceCounts
 Stores consecutive CS values above or below active or inactive threshold.
SI_UU32_t expValue
 Filtered CS value with 16 bits of LSBs.
uint32_t rawBuffer [DEF_SENSOR_BUFFER_SIZE]
 Newest sample taken from CS hardware, without any processing.
uint8_t touchDeltaDiv16
 Describes the expected difference between untouched and touched CS value.

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