RAIL_MultiTimer_t Struct Reference

RAIL timer state structure.

#include <rail_types.h>

Data Fields

RAIL_Time_t absOffset
 absolute time before next event
RAIL_Time_t relPeriodic
 relative, periodic time between events; 0 = timer is oneshot
RAIL_MultiTimerCallback_t callback
 user callback
void * cbArg
 user callback argument
struct RAIL_MultiTimer * next
 pointer to next soft timer structure
uint8_t priority
 priority of callback; 0 = highest priority; 255 = lowest
bool isRunning
 soft timer currently running?
bool doCallback
 callback needs to run?

RAIL timer state structure.

This structure is filled out and maintained internally only. The user/application should not alter any elements of this structure.

Definition at line 1196 of file rail_types.h.

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