Featured Examples#

Featured examples are complete projects that demonstrate a common RS9116 use-case or enable you to perform a key aspect of RS9116 evaluation. The featured examples are found in the WiSeConnectâ„¢ SDK at the path: <SDK>/examples/featured.

Details on the configuration and operation of each featured example are available in the readme.md file that is found with the example source code and at the following links:

AWS IoT Device Shadow
Creates an AWS IoT 'thing' that connects to the AWS IoT device shadow service using the MQTT protocol

Firmware Update via TCP Server
Wirelessly updates the RS911x firmware from a remote TCP server

Deep-Sleep UDP Client
Connects to a Wi-Fi Access Point in deep-sleep mode and intermittently wakes to send UDP packets

Transmit Performance and Regulatory Testing
Configures the device in a transmit mode that is used for transmit performance and regulatory certification testing (FCC, ETSI, CE, etc.)

Throughput Test
Measures Wi-Fi transmit/receive throughput performance using a remote iPerf client/server