Version Configuration#

Version Configuration.



Hardware version <0..255:1>

Macro Definition Documentation#



Hardware version <0..255:1>

The Hardware Version field MUST report a value which is unique to this particular version of the product. It MUST be possible to uniquely determine the hardware characteristics from the Hardware Version field in combination with the Manufacturer ID, Product Type ID and Product ID fields of Manufacturer Specific Info Report of the Manufacturer Specific Command Class. This information allows a user to pick a firmware image version that is guaranteed to work with this particular version of the product. Note that the Hardware Version field is intended for the hardware version of the entire product, not just the version of the Z-Wave radio chip.

Definition at line 354 of file /mnt/raid/workspaces/ws.WDdsgIAV6/overlay/gsdk/protocol/z-wave/ZAF/configuration/config/zaf_config.h