Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
EmberCommandEntryCommand entry for a command table
EmberCommandStateFor use when declaring a separate command streams. The fields are not accessed directly by the application
EmberEventControlControl structure for events
EmberEventData_SComplete events with a control and a handler procedure
EmberIncomingMacMessageAn instance of this structure is passed to emberIncomingMacMessageHandler(). It describes the incoming MAC frame
EmberIncomingMessageAn instance of this structure is passed to emberIncomingMessageHandler(). It describes the incoming message
EmberKeyDataThis data structure contains the key data that is passed into various other functions
EmberMacAddressA structure that stores an 802.15.4 address
EmberMacFrameA structure that describes the addressing fields of a 802.15.4 frame
EmberNetworkParametersHolds network parameters
EmberOutgoingMacMessageAn instance of this structure is passed to emberMacMessageSentHandler(). It describes the outgoing MAC frame
EmberOutgoingMessageAn instance of this structure is passed to emberMessageSentHandler(). It describes the outgoing packet
EmberTaskControlControl structure for tasks
EventActionsThe static part of an event. Each event can be used with only one event queue
EventQueue_sAn event queue is currently just a list of events ordered by execution time