Silicon Labs Connect Application Framework API Reference


Command Interpreter Plugin
Processes commands coming from the serial port.
Debug Print Plugin
Set of APIs for the debug-print plugin.See debug-print.h for source code.
Mailbox Client Plugin
APIs for mailbox client.
Mailbox Server Plugin
APIs for mailbox server.
Mailbox Server Common
Types defined for mailbox.
Ota Unicast Bootloader Client Plugin
APIs/callbacks for ota-unicast-bootloader clients.
Ota Unicast Bootloader Server Plugin
Macros and APIs for ota-unicast-bootloader server.
Ota Unicast Bootloader Common
Macros and types defined for ota-unicast-bootloaders.
Ota Broadcast Bootloader Client Plugin
Set of APIs for ota-broadcast-bootloader-client.
Ota Broadcast Bootloader Server Plugin
Set of APIs for ota-broadcast-bootloader-server.
Ota Broadcast Bootloader Server Common
Set of types defined for ota-broadcast-bootloader.
Poll Plugin
APIs for the poll plugin.
WSTK Sensors Plugin
  • Reads a sample of the temperature and relative humidity values from the WSTK Si7013 sensors.