APIs for the poll plugin. More...


void emberAfPluginPollSetShortPollInterval (uint8_t intervalQS)
Sets the short poll interval. More...
void emberAfPluginPollSetLongPollInterval (uint16_t intervalS)
Sets the long poll interval. More...
void emberAfPluginPollEnableShortPolling (bool enable)
Enables/disables short polling. More...

Detailed Description

APIs for the poll plugin.


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See poll.h for source code.

Function Documentation

void emberAfPluginPollEnableShortPolling ( bool enable )

Enables/disables short polling.

enable If this parameter is true, short polling is enabled. Otherwise, the node switches back to long polling.
void emberAfPluginPollSetLongPollInterval ( uint16_t intervalS )

Sets the long poll interval.

intervalS The long poll interval in seconds.
void emberAfPluginPollSetShortPollInterval ( uint8_t intervalQS )

Sets the short poll interval.

intervalQS The short poll interval in quarter seconds.