LESENSE - Low Energy Sensor


Low Energy Sensor (LESENSE) Peripheral API.

This module contains functions to control the LESENSE peripheral of Silicon Labs 32-bit MCUs and SoCs. LESENSE is a low-energy sensor interface capable of autonomously collecting and processing data from multiple sensors even when in EM2.

Data Structures

struct LESENSE_CoreCtrlDesc_TypeDef
Core control (LESENSE_CTRL/CFG) descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_TimeCtrlDesc_TypeDef
LESENSE timing control descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_PerCtrlDesc_TypeDef
LESENSE peripheral control descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_DecCtrlDesc_TypeDef
LESENSE decoder control descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_Init_TypeDef
LESENSE module initialization structure.
struct LESENSE_ChDesc_TypeDef
Channel descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_ChAll_TypeDef
Configuration structure for all the scan channels.
struct LESENSE_AltExDesc_TypeDef
Alternate excitation descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_ConfAltEx_TypeDef
Configuration structure for the alternate excitation.
struct LESENSE_DecStCond_TypeDef
Decoder state condition descriptor structure.
struct LESENSE_DecStDesc_TypeDef
Decoder state x configuration structure.
struct LESENSE_DecStAll_TypeDef
Configuration structure for decoder.


void LESENSE_Init (const LESENSE_Init_TypeDef *init, bool reqReset)
Initialize the LESENSE module.
uint32_t LESENSE_ScanFreqSet (uint32_t refFreq, uint32_t scanFreq)
Set the scan frequency for periodic scanning.
void LESENSE_ScanModeSet ( LESENSE_ScanMode_TypeDef scanMode, bool start)
Set scan mode of the LESENSE channels.
void LESENSE_StartDelaySet (uint8_t startDelay)
Set the start delay of the sensor interaction on each channel.
void LESENSE_ClkDivSet ( LESENSE_ChClk_TypeDef clk, LESENSE_ClkPresc_TypeDef clkDiv)
Set the clock division for LESENSE timers.
void LESENSE_ChannelAllConfig (const LESENSE_ChAll_TypeDef *confChAll)
Configure all (16) LESENSE sensor channels.
void LESENSE_ChannelConfig (const LESENSE_ChDesc_TypeDef *confCh, uint32_t chIdx)
Configure a single LESENSE sensor channel.
void LESENSE_AltExConfig (const LESENSE_ConfAltEx_TypeDef *confAltEx)
Configure the LESENSE alternate excitation modes.
void LESENSE_ChannelEnable (uint8_t chIdx, bool enaScanCh, bool enaPin)
Enable/disable LESENSE scan channel and the pin assigned to it.
void LESENSE_ChannelEnableMask (uint16_t chMask, uint16_t pinMask)
Enable/disable LESENSE scan channel and the pin assigned to it.