API Documentation

List of modules
ACMP - Analog ComparatorAnalog comparator (ACMP) Peripheral API
ADC - Analog to Digital ConverterAnalog to Digital Converter (ADC) Peripheral API
AES - AES AcceleratorAdvanced Encryption Standard Accelerator (AES) Peripheral API
ASSERT - AssertAssert/error checking module
BURTC - Backup RTCBackup Real Time Counter (BURTC) Peripheral API
BUS - Bitfield Read/WriteBUS register and RAM bit/field read/write API
CHIP - Chip Errata WorkaroundsChip errata workaround APIs
CMU - Clock Management UnitClock management unit (CMU) Peripheral API
COMMON - Common UtilitiesGeneral purpose utilities and cross-compiler support
CORE - Core InterruptCore interrupt handling API
DAC - Digital to Analog ConverterDigital to Analog Converter (DAC) Peripheral API
DBG - DebugDebug (DBG) Peripheral API
DMA - Direct Memory AccessDirect Memory Access (DMA) Peripheral API
EBI - External Bus InterfaceEBI External Bus Interface (EBI) Peripheral API
EMU - Energy Management UnitEnergy Management Unit (EMU) Peripheral API
GPIO - General Purpose Input/OutputGeneral Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) API
I2C - Inter-Integrated CircuitInter-integrated Circuit (I2C) Peripheral API
LCD - Liquid Crystal DisplayLiquid Crystal Display (LCD) Peripheral API
LESENSE - Low Energy SensorLow Energy Sensor (LESENSE) Peripheral API
LETIMER - Low Energy TimerLow Energy Timer (LETIMER) Peripheral API
LEUART - Low Energy UARTLow Energy Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (LEUART) Peripheral API
MSC - Memory System ControllerMemory System Controller API
OPAMP - Operational AmplifierOperational Amplifier (OPAMP) peripheral API
PCNT - Pulse CounterPulse Counter (PCNT) Peripheral API
PRS - Peripheral Reflex SystemPeripheral Reflex System (PRS) Peripheral API
RAMFUNC - RAM Function SupportRAM code support
RMU - Reset Management UnitReset Management Unit (RMU) Peripheral API
RTC - Real Time CounterReal Time Counter (RTC) Peripheral API
SYSTEM - System UtilsSystem API
TIMER - Timer/CounterTimer/Counter (TIMER) Peripheral API
USART - Synchronous/Asynchronous SerialUniversal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Peripheral API
VCMP - Voltage ComparatorSupply Voltage Comparator (VCMP) Peripheral API
VERSION - Version DefinesVersion API
WDOG - WatchdogWatchdog (WDOG) Peripheral API