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Detailed Description

Processor and Core Peripheral Section.


#define __MPU_PRESENT   1U
#define __NVIC_PRIO_BITS   3U
#define __Vendor_SysTickConfig   0U
#define __VTOR_PRESENT   1U

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __MPU_PRESENT   1U

Presence of MPU

Definition at line 107 of file efm32g890f128.h.

#define __NVIC_PRIO_BITS   3U

NVIC interrupt priority bits

Definition at line 109 of file efm32g890f128.h.

Referenced by CORE_AtomicDisableIrq(), CORE_EnterAtomic(), CORE_IrqIsBlocked(), CORE_IrqIsDisabled(), and CORE_YieldAtomic().

#define __Vendor_SysTickConfig   0U

Is 1 if different SysTick counter is used

Definition at line 110 of file efm32g890f128.h.

#define __VTOR_PRESENT   1U

Presence of VTOR register in SCB

Definition at line 108 of file efm32g890f128.h.