General API

To interact with WFx, the host has access to a set of API which are exposed both in the split MAC case and in the full MAC case. To find the related driver functions, you can refer to the table below or to the GENERAL_API group.

General API commands

Commands Command ID Associated driver function Description
SL_WFX_CONFIGURATION 0x09 sl_wfx_send_configuration() Configure the device through the Platform Data Set
SL_WFX_SHUT_DOWN 0x32 sl_wfx_shutdown() Send a request to shut down the internal power supplies
SL_WFX_CONTROL_GPIO 0x26 sl_wfx_control_gpio() Control a GPIO of the WFx
SL_WFX_PREVENT_ROLLBACK 0x2a sl_wfx_prevent_rollback() Active the prevent rollback feature. From this point on the chip will not boot on an older version of the firmware

For each available command, there is an associated confirmation with the same ID value.

General API indications

Indications Indication ID Associated structure Description
SL_WFX_EXCEPTION_IND 0xe0 sl_wfx_exception_ind_body_t Exception
SL_WFX_ERROR_IND 0xe4 sl_wfx_error_ind_body_t Error
SL_WFX_STARTUP_IND 0xe1 sl_wfx_startup_ind_body_t Startup indication
SL_WFX_GENERIC_IND 0xe3 sl_wfx_generic_ind_body_t Generic status

This indications have to be managed by the host depending on the application and use case.