Platform Data Set

One single command is used to configure the WF200 according to its hardware environment (XTAL, GPIOs, FEM). It allows the host driver code to be independent from the hardware platforms it is using. This command takes an encoded string containing all the platform information called Platform Data Set or PDS. You can refer to sl_wfx_send_configuration() to see how the PDS is sent from the host to the WF200.

During the Initialization and configuration phase, the host has to send the Platform Data Set corresponding to its hardware. In the FMAC driver, the PDS information is provided by the host through the following functions:

  • sl_wfx_host_get_pds_data() (function to be implemented by the host)
  • sl_wfx_host_get_pds_size() (function to be implemented by the host)

The latest PDS format can be found in a Github repository.