Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
EmberCommandEntry Command entry for a command table
EmberCommandState For use when declaring a separate command streams. The fields are not accessed directly by the application
EmberEventControl Control structure for events
EmberEventData_S Complete events with a control and a handler procedure
EmberIncomingMacMessage An instance of this structure is passed to emberIncomingMacMessageHandler() . It describes the incoming MAC frame
EmberIncomingMessage An instance of this structure is passed to emberIncomingMessageHandler() . It describes the incoming message
EmberKeyData This data structure contains the security key, most prominently used by emberSetSecurityKey
EmberMacAddress A structure that stores an 802.15.4 address
EmberMacFrame A structure that describes the addressing fields of a 802.15.4 frame
EmberNetworkParameters Hold network parameters
EmberOutgoingMacMessage An instance of this structure is passed to emberMacMessageSentHandler() . It describes the outgoing MAC frame
EmberOutgoingMessage An instance of this structure is passed to emberMessageSentHandler() . It describes the outgoing packet
EmberTaskControl Control structure for tasks
EventActions The static part of an event. Each event can be used with only one event queue
EventQueue_s An event queue is currently just a list of events ordered by execution time
tokTypeStackChildTableEntry Type of an element of TOKEN_STACK_CHILD_TABLE (indexed token). Keeps children information of a device, which has parent support enabled
tokTypeStackKey Type for TOKEN_STACK_SECURITY_KEY. Keeps the security key for MAC layer security
tokTypeStackNodeData Type for TOKEN_STACK_NODE_DATA. Generic information of the node is stored in this token