Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller configuration header.

This header defines the functions called by all of the NVIC exceptions/ interrupts. The following are the nine peripheral ISRs available for modification. To use one of these ISRs, it must be instantiated somewhere in the HAL. Each ISR may only be instantiated once. It is not necessary to instantiate all or any of these ISRs (a stub will be automatically generated if an ISR is not instantiated).

  • void halTimer1Isr(void);
  • void halTimer2Isr(void);
  • void halSc1Isr(void);
  • void halSc1Isr(void);
  • void halAdcIsr(void);
  • void halIrqAIsr(void);
  • void halIrqBIsr(void);
  • void halIrqCIsr(void);
  • void halIrqDIsr(void);
This file should not be modified.