PCNT_TypeDef Struct ReferenceDevices > PCNT

PCNT Register Declaration

Definition at line 49 of file efr32bg1p_pcnt.h.

#include <efr32bg1p_pcnt.h>

Data Fields

__IM uint32_t AUXCNT
__IOM uint32_t CMD
__IM uint32_t CNT
__IOM uint32_t CTRL
__IOM uint32_t FREEZE
__IOM uint32_t IEN
__IM uint32_t IF
__IOM uint32_t IFC
__IOM uint32_t IFS
__IOM uint32_t INPUT
__IOM uint32_t OVSCFG
uint32_t RESERVED0 [1]
uint32_t RESERVED1 [4]
uint32_t RESERVED2 [7]
__IOM uint32_t ROUTELOC0
__IM uint32_t STATUS
__IM uint32_t SYNCBUSY
__IM uint32_t TOP
__IOM uint32_t TOPB

Field Documentation

__IM uint32_t PCNT_TypeDef::AUXCNT

Auxiliary Counter Value Register

Definition at line 68 of file efr32bg1p_pcnt.h</