msdd.h File Reference

Mass Storage class Device (MSD) driver.



Copyright 2015 Silicon Labs, Inc.

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Definition in file msdd.h .

Data Structures

struct MSDD_CmdStatus_TypeDef
Status info for one BOT CBW -> Data I/O -> CSW cycle.


#define MEDIA_BUFSIZ 4096


bool MSDD_Handler (void)
Serve the MSD state machine. This function should be called on a regular basis from your main loop. It cannot be called from within an interrupt handler.
void MSDD_Init (int activityLedPort, uint32_t activityLedPin)
Initialize MSD device.
int MSDD_SetupCmd (const USB_Setup_TypeDef *setup)
Called whenever a USB setup command is received. This function overrides standard CLEAR_FEATURE commands, and implements MSD class commands "Bulk-Only Mass Storage Reset" and "Get Max LUN".
void MSDD_StateChangeEvent (USBD_State_TypeDef oldState, USBD_State_TypeDef newState)
Called whenever the USB device has changed its device state.