retargetio.c File Reference

Provide stdio retargeting for all supported toolchains.



Copyright 2015 Silicon Labs, Inc.

This file is licensed under the Silabs License Agreement. See the file "Silabs_License_Agreement.txt" for details. Before using this software for any purpose, you must agree to the terms of that agreement.

Definition in file retargetio.c.

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "em_device.h"


int _close (int file)
 Close a file.
void _exit (int status)
 Exit the program.
int _fstat (int file, struct stat *st)
 Status of an open file.
int _getpid (void)
 Get process ID.
int _isatty (int file)
 Query whether output stream is a terminal.
int _kill (int pid, int sig)
 Send signal to process.
int _lseek (int file, int ptr, int dir)
 Set position in a file.
int _read (int file, char *ptr, int len)
 Read from a file.
caddr_t _sbrk (int incr)
 Increase heap.
int _write (int file, const char *ptr, int len)
 Write to a file.
int RETARGET_ReadChar (void)
 Receive a byte from USART/LEUART and put into global buffer.
int RETARGET_WriteChar (char c)
 Transmit single byte to USART/LEUART.


char _end