RMU_TypeDef Struct ReferenceDevices > EFM32GG_RMU

Definition at line 47 of file efm32gg_rmu.h.

Data Fields

__OM uint32_t CMD
__IOM uint32_t CTRL
__IM uint32_t RSTCAUSE

Field Documentation

__OM uint32_t RMU_TypeDef::CMD

Command Register

Definition at line 50 of file efm32gg_rmu.h.

__IOM uint32_t RMU_TypeDef::CTRL

Control Register

Definition at line 48 of file efm32gg_rmu.h.

__IM uint32_t RMU_TypeDef::RSTCAUSE

Reset Cause Register

Definition at line 49 of file efm32gg_rmu.h.

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