Device InitializationBSP

Detailed Description

Device Initialization using HAL configuration.

The BSP Device Initialization APIs provide functionality to initialize the device for a specific application and board based on a HAL configuration header file. The BSP Device Initialization module provides APIs that perform

  • EFM32/EZR32/EFR32 errata workaround
  • DC-to-DC converter initialization on devices with DCDC
  • Clock initialization for crystal oscillators and clock selection for HF and LF clock trees


void BSP_initBoard (void)
 Initialize board based on HAL configuration.
void BSP_initClocks (void)
 Initialize crystal oscillators and configure clock trees.
void BSP_initDcdc (void)
 Configure and initialize the DC-to-DC converter.
void BSP_initDevice (void)
 Initialize the device using HAL config settings.
void BSP_initEmu (void)
 Configure EMU energy modes.

Function Documentation

void BSP_initBoard ( void  )

Initialize board based on HAL configuration.

Initialize peripherals to communicate with board components

Definition at line 361 of file bsp_init.c.

References BSP_Init(), BSP_INIT_IOEXP, BSP_IOEXP_LEDS, BSP_IOEXP_SENSORS, BSP_IOEXP_VCOM, BSP_LedsInit(), BSP_PeripheralAccess(), CMU_ClockEnable(), cmuClock_GPIO, GPIO_PinModeSet(), gpioModePushPull, i2cInit(), I2CSPM_Init(), and RETARGET_SerialInit().

void BSP_initClocks ( void  )
void BSP_initDcdc ( void  )

Configure and initialize the DC-to-DC converter.

Initialize the DC-to-DC converter if the board is wired for DCDC operation. Power down the DC-to-DC converter if the board is not wired for DCDC operation.

Definition at line 68 of file bsp_init.c.

References EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::dcdcMode, and emuDcdcMode_Bypass.

Referenced by BSP_initDevice().

void BSP_initDevice ( void  )

Initialize the device using HAL config settings.

Perform errata workarounds, DC-to-DC converter initialization and clock initialization and selection

Definition at line 44 of file bsp_init.c.

References BSP_initClocks(), BSP_initDcdc(), BSP_initEmu(), and CHIP_Init().