Release Notes

RAIL Library 2.10.0 GA

December 9, 2020

Release Highlights

  • Added a new Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Utility component that can be used to set the correct die specific RSSI offset for your chip. If enabled this should shift the RSSI values on the EFR32xG1, EFR32xG12, EFR32xG13, EFR32xG14, and EFR32xG21 devices to make them more accurate. If you have previously compensated for this be sure to stop doing that before using this new component.
  • Added a new RAIL_SetAddressFilterAddressMask() API to allow the user to mask out certain bits when doing address filtering and not match the whole address.
  • Added support for MGM210PB22JIA, MGM210PB32JIA, BGM210PB22JIA and BGM210PA32JIA modules
  • Added support for the Z-Wave Long Range PHYs and packet formats.
  • Added support for the Quuppa PHYs for location tracking.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements

Release Details

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