Packet Trace Interface (PTI) Utility

RAIL PTI Utility

This optional software component can be enabled to include default functionality related to PTI configuration.

When using a Silicon Labs-developed board, the configuration options for this software component are set up automatically based on the selected board. When using a custom board, manually configure the configuration options.

Configuration Options

The following configuration options can be changed:

  • PTI mode (e.g., UART, UART Onewire, SPI, Disabled)
  • PTI baudrate

The following hardware options can be changed:

  • Configure the DOUT GPIO pin. DOUT is needed for all PTI modes (UART, UART Onewire, SPI).
  • Configure the DFRAME GPIO pin. DFRAME is needed for UART and SPI modes only. UART Onewire mode does not use this pin.
  • Configure the DCLK GPIO pin. DCLK is needed for SPI mode only.