RAILtest Application Graphics

RAILtest Graphics

This software component can optionally be enabled for RAILtest. If enabled, the following information is displayed on the LCD:

  • Number of transmitted packets
  • Number of received packets
  • Channel number
  • Application name

When using a Silicon Labs-developed board, the hardware GPIO configuration is set up automatically for this software component based on the selected board. When using a custom board, manually configure the hardware pins. This can be done from within the Memory LCD software component. The Memory LCD component determines which LCD displays are compatible with the RAILtest, Graphics component. (The Memory LCD component is a dependency of the RAILtest, Graphics component and is included automatically in a project when the RAILtest, Graphics component is enabled.)

Configuration Options

The following configuration options can be changed:

  • Alter application name displayed on boot. Default is RAILtest .