Release Notes

RAIL Library 2.8.0 GA

December 13, 2019

Release Highlights

  • Added a new PA mode which will attempt to automatically choose the PA which consumes the least amount of current to reliably produce the requested output power. This feature can be turned on using the new RAIL_EnablePaAutoMode() API and can be configured by overriding the RAILCb_PaAutoModeDecision() callback.
  • Added support for additional IEEE 802.15.4G-2012 features when in RAIL_IEEE802154_G_OPTION_GB868 mode. Specifically we now support:
    • SUN PHY dynamic frame payload whitening on reception and transmit based on the PHY header.
    • SUN PHY dynamic frame payload 2/4-byte FCS (CRC) on reception and transmit based on the PHY header's FCS Type flag setting.
    • AutoACK behavior has also been updated so transmitted immediate ACKs reflect the Whitening and 2/4-byte FCS of the received frame being acknowledged.
  • Added a new API RAIL_ConfigSyncWords() to allow for safe runtime reconfiguration of the sync word(s) used by the radio.
  • Added the ability to perform a CSMA/LBT operation without transmitting on completion to allow for more flexibility in how and when the packet goes over the air.
  • Added the ability to get the time that the first bit of a packet's preamble was put on air. See the new RAIL_EVENT_TX_STARTED event and the RAIL_GetTxTimePreambleStart() function.
  • Bugfixes and improvements

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